Dil Dosti Dance 18th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 18th February 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 18th February 2014 Written Update

Kriya wakes up in morning and feels really excited to meet Rey at college. She dances joyfully along all the time while getting read for college excitedly while ‘Iss dil ka kya karoon’ played in background. On other hand in college Amar tells Vicky and Nil that he has collected lots of rejected roses and is going to sell them out to earn some money while boys feels excited.

Sharon tries to select a good looking guy for her date and rates lots of boys from college but to no avail. Sharon thought about Swayam and Ruhi going on date and wants to get best date for herself too. While she didn’t like anyone but in end rated Vicky enough to be her date. Vicky goes in a shock state while Sharon yells at him and informs him about her rules that she wants her date

to be clean shaved, no wrinkles; neither on face nor on dress, shoes has to be perfect and in last he have to take her final approval on his dressing and goes from there. Simi and Rini laughs at Vicky and followed Sharon, leaving an embarrassed Vicky standing there. Nil asks him whether he is going with Sharon on date or with Hitler but Vicky point towards him and asks him to not say anything about his date.

Kriya goes to rehearsal hall and finds that group of college students is insisting Rey to teach them few dance steps while he doesn’t want to. He whispers Kriya to tell them that they have lots of important work and he can’t teach, while Kriya said they don’t have any choice. They ask both of them to teach couple dance so Kriya and Rey showed them few dance steps (On Mera mann). After that when Kriya asks to Rey about what he wanted to talk, he asks her to meet in private in Fire escape.

Nil pleads Simi to forgive him and bring her favorite star, Hrithik Roshan’s mask. After much insisting Simi forgives him and also accept to come on date with him but ask for a treat. On other hand Sharon and Swayam collides in corridor and while Swayam asks Sharon about rose day arrangement, she sarcastically replies him about his arrangement of chosen date. Swayam fails to understand what was she talking about but then Sharon says she wonders how will he do couple dance this year with Ruhi and wouldn’t be able to win and walked away after taunting, leaving a confused Swayam.

Kriya in fire escapes waits for Rey and thinks may be he is thinking of making this moment special that is why he has asked her to come here. Kriya remembers her sweet moments which she spends with Rey in fire escape and feels excited. She gets a call from ISD’s dean as he asked her to come on video call thus she informs this to Rey and tell him that he will meet him afterwards while Rey thinks he is trying to talk to her from morning but he is not getting any chance.

Vicky and Nil arrives late to their extra class and their teacher doesn’t allow them to enter while they insist. They tries to be funny and ask if they can go to canteen but their teacher tell them that if they will try to do something naughty then he will take them to VP sir and wouldn’t allow them to sit for examinations. On other hand Rey sat in canteen in tensions and blabbers to himself. He says he isn’t ready for commitment and wants to clear this with Kriya. He receives a call from Kriya and she asks him to meet in basket ball court. Rey goes there and find a smiling Kriya waiting for him.

PRECAP: Rey tells Kriya that she is nothing but a good friend to him. He ask Kriya whether she was saying something and Kriya tells him that she loves him a lot, surprising Rey.

Update Credit to: blush

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