Dil Dosti Dance 17th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 17th October 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 17th October 2013 Written Update

The bell rings and Rey to his friends that they must stop this . Swayam asks Sharon is he forcing her or she is doing it.He asks her not to expect him to act like she wants him to.The team comes near announcement room and sees many gathered out.They tell this is becoming worse.Rey asks Aashi to move them all away.Aashi moves them all away.Swayam and Sharon are having convo when Rey knocks the door. Swayam comes and opens the door.Rey enters in silently closes the door and moves and switches off the speaker.Sharon asks what was that.Rey replies unfortunately your personal fight has become pubic now.Swayam asks is it worse out.Sharon says it has become a pubic drama now.Rey asks both to come out soon now.Once they come out Simmi asks Sharon what is so wrong that she behaved so.Boys

asks Swayam why is he imposing himself on Sharon.Swayam replies he is not imposing but they are a couple.Sharon says what rubbish is it.They were never a couple neither can be one. Rey calls Sharon but Swayam stops him saying dont come in between Rey what it is is between me and Sharon. The boys ask Swayam to think and tell what he is saying.Rey asks guys to stop.Aashi says they will but now the whole college knows this what will happen now. Will they leave Swayam.

Swayam is walking by the corridor thinking about what Sharon just said.He keeps waking when two guys says he can he turn desperate. Just cause you like a girl does not mean you are a couple. Swayam keeps walking further when two girls says he is a looser and a weakling too seeing his acts.Swayam thinks this is what is left out now and what I have becomes.
I have made a fool of myself all over gain.Rey is in boys locker room thinking and worried about Swayama nd Sharon.He thinks I wanted them to come close and now its getting even more complicated.He thinks why did Sharon do this what is she scared off. The D3 gang thinks why is Rey upset.They think what happened between Swayam and Sharon even they are worried but they are not sad enough. They decide to speak with Swayam but things its diffucult.They then asks Aashi to speak with Rey and being a gf she won’t ignore them and she needs to make him happy.Aashi then calls and Rey pics up quite later.Rey pics up the call and Aashi calls himto meet up.Rey asks him to tell now.She says they need to meet and speak.Rey agrees to this and they move out.

Simmi says when Rey is down the whole team goes down.Sharon is still outside the college thinking when did she close the gates for Swayam. She had opened up all gates for him what did she do now, What must Swayam be thinking now. I need to face him .Its need now . Rey and Aashiare in the projector room when Rey asks Aashi what did she need to speak.Aashi then points to the gang and Rey understands it later.Aashi asks Rey is he Ok when Rey replies saying untill he speaks with Swayam and Sharon he will not be comfortable. Rey says he will speak with them now.The gang asks Aashi to hug him and she hugs him up and says please take care of Swayam.He says he will and asks her to take care of herself.

Swayam is in boys locker room when a guy comes in says see devdas is here.Other guy says he is not devdaas but desperate.Swayam moves out when Rey calls him.He keep walking and enters into a class room.Rey says he can not understand what is happening. Swayam says even he does not understand it. Swayam adds saying whatever is there is in front of him and if he ignores it now then he must be a fool.Rey tries to convince him when Swayam says I understand what you want to say thanks and yes you please do not take any tension I’m alright.It is my problem and I’ll handle it with maturity,I’ll not let it come in between my works.

Precap:Sharon calls Rey but Rey cuts the call thinking what you did is wrong Sharon by hurting his best friend. Sharon goes to Swayam’s house and says she loves him.Swayam says they both can never be together and he is breaking up with her.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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