Dil Dosti Dance 17th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 17th March 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 17th March 2014 Written Update

Sharon and Ruhi’s argument continues in the locker room. Ruhi tells Sharon that she doesnot understand what she is trying to say. She insists that Sharon had some misunderstanding. Sharon says that she know Ruhi is responsible for giving her the sou milked cold- coffee and also for deleting her messages from Swayams cell phone. She blames that Ruhi wants to distance her and Swayam. Ruhi tries to defend herself by saying that she comes from a poor family and doesnot know much about how things work in urban places. Ruhi starts crying. Sharon leaves.
As a girl nearby asks Ruhi why she is crying, she wipes her tears and smiles. The girl comment that she is weird.
Amar father has lost his job. He is worried about her sister’s fee. if it’s not paid in time, she

wont be allowed to sit in exam. Rey offers him monetary help and insists upon accepting it for the time-being.

Ruhi is standing in front of the mirror. She thinks to herself that she’ll destroy the face upon which Swayam dies, as she rubs the soap on mirror.
Rey and Swayam are sitting together, Rey offers breakfast upon which Swayam tells him that he had firratas “oil fried bread” in the morning Ruhi cooked for him. Rey comment that the girl who has reached the kitchen will soon enter his heart as well. Swayam negates his compliment and they talk about Amar’s father. Rey indirectly asks Swayam if Kriya called. Swayam’s cellphone rang. It was Kriya. Rey wanted to talk to her but she disconnected the call by telling Swayam that she was coming next week.

Simmi wants to go out for a movie with Nil. Nil makes an excuse by saying that today is his cousin’s engagement. They hug each other while Nil thinks how he is going to rock the night tonight.
Sharon thinks to herself that if she tries to tell Swayam about Ruhi he would never understand. She should be careful about Ruhi’s intentions.
Rey thinking about Kriya while Amar comes in. Rey asks him, When did he come. Amar tells him that he could not take part in music as he has find a job worth 20,000 rupees. He would only come to college in exams now.

Swayam and Ruhi standing together. Swayam tells Ruhi that Rey might be missing Kriya during rehearsals. They must go there now. Ruhi says that she won’t go to rehearsals. She tells Swayam that Its his music and his friends. She doesnot want to impose her friendship upon anyone. Swayam asks her if someone had said something to her. Ruhi starts crying and tells him that she is being blamed for serving sour-milked coffee to Sharon and that is she doesnot keep distance from Swayam, Sharon will make her complain to the principal. Episode ends

Precap: Swayam asks Sharon about offences upon Ruhi. Ruhi thinks that if Sharon cannot completely love Swayam she shoul leave him else she will compel her to.

Update Credit to: Tanya

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