Dil Dosti Dance 17th July 2014 Written Episode Update

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Karma and Ishika watches her dance video on the guy’s cell phone. Raghv shows up at the end. Ishika wents away crying. Karma leaves. Raghv comes to Sharon’s house, he tells her he is going to present a talent no one ever saw. He tells her he has found what she was looking for; she just needs to see a video. He says we want a member for dance-mania I have found it. She says she doesn’t want to see this, mail me and I will see it later. He forces her to; she stands up and shouts at him to get out. Raghv leaves. The door knocks again, she shouts what the hell, get out. It was Swayam, he begins to leave when she says she thought it is someone else. He says I want to say sorry for what happened at the morning, she says it is ok. He says he wants to talk about what he was to in the morning. He says

we need to talk because I am really upset. She says she can see how upset he is, and says she is busy. He leaves giving up.
Karma hits Raghv in the corridor and shouts how dare you. They both beat each other. Raghv asks what’s the matter. Karma says you uploaded a girl’s video without permission. Huma comes there, she calls Rey. Rey gets them rid of each other, Karma shows him the video and says that he made this without permission. Rey asks Raghv, he says he wanted to bring the talent to everyone and you must see the likes. Karma deters him to delete the links, and points at Ishika who was crying. Raghv goes behind Ishika but she leaves. Rey warns Karma to learn control his anger, Raghv says that I wanted everyone to watch the talent. Rey scolds her that she continuously tease that girl. Tells Karma to leave and announces everyone must also leave the corridor. After he is also gone, Huma checks if Raghv got any bruises. She takes him to medical room; he says his life lacked action.
Ishika goes crying in the corridor that she won’t come to college now, and tells Vishnu. Huma calls how will it work like that, how will they get to see action. She tells Ishika she must be a drama queen, gets touch at little things. It was just a dancing video; had a fan uploaded Madhuri’s video will she come to him. Ishika says I ain’t Madhuri, Huma says you can’t be because you lack confidence and tells everything to her daddy-Karma. Karma comes there, he tells Ishika to go. Huma stops them and asks Ishika what she will do when he is absent someday. Karma tells her to take care of Raghv romeo. Huma tells him her friends aren’t like his and knows to take care of them.
Rey comes to meet Mr. Raj. He recognizes Rey and says he has seen his dances. Rey says he talked to him on phone that they left the online registration form. He tells Rey that to get success one has to take little steps and there is no space on Dance mania for mistakes as their rules are quite strict. Rey says that St. Luois is quite a renowned academy. Mr. Raj says that it has already been registered. Rey corrects himself that he is a student there and has formed his own academy named Dil Dosti Dance Acadmy; if he can help him with its registration. Mr. Raj says he cant assure but let him see. He tells Rey to call tomorrow morning.
Huma comes downstairs, her dad was there. She is elated to see him, he tells her she came here with some important task and asks her to go for ice cream. Ishika calls Huma and gives her the register. Her father asks her to introduce her friend to her. They says namastay, after Ishika leaves her dad says she is a good innocent girl.
Rey tells Swayam he looks positive in helping them. Swayam asks why is he helping us, but Rey says he has seen their dance and is really ready to help. Rey asks Swayam why is his mood off? He guesses it is because of his and Sharon’s fight. Swayam says he is angry at him taking a petty issue.
He says I don’t understand how to handle her. Rey ask who is her problem, he tells him its Huma. Rey laughs and says your time was perfect. Swayam is frustrated; Rey says I will tell you what to do. You don’t need to say sorry but to make her feel that you didn’t do anything wrong; she cant question them on selecting any candidate. Swayam says I know what to do.
Raghv comes home; Dida sees his mood off and bruises on his face. She asks who he fought with. He tells it is all ok. Today was action day, she cleans his bruises. Dida tells him dadu and she is so worried for him. She asks when he will get serious in life. He asks what he will get being serious, he thought she is his friend but from now on he will be serious with her.
Sharon sits in the car, Swayam stops her way with cycle. She comes out and asks him to leave her way. He says she must listen to her, she says her mom is waiting, she needs to go. He gives her way. After she has left he takes a nail from his sleeve and says sorry Sharon; I wanted to keep our relation so the tire had to be punctured.

PRECAP: There is bonfire; Sharon and Swayam are there together.

Update Credit to: Sona

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