Dil Dosti Dance 17th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 17th February 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 17th February 2014 Written Update

Rey and Kriya sees some girl from their college slapping a guy as he proposed her to be his rose day date and Kriya says that girls should ask to boys for rose day date which on Rey agrees. Kriya smiles and asked Rey to be her rose day date, shocking Rey a bit. When Rey ask why him so she said that she obviously can’t ask anyone else to be her rose day date. Rey thinks if he will deny that she will feel upset so he agrees to be her date for that moment and kriya hugs him in her happiness and goes from there. Afterwards Rey wonders why was kriya behaving like that, if he has given her wrong hopes and wishes that he may have not. Rey thought that if Kriya is feeling anything than he has to stop it before something went wrong but how.

Swayam was rehearsing in rehearsal

hall while Ryhi watches him and praises him for his dancing. Ruhi tells Swayam that she is thinking only about him from the time he has saved her from those college boys and Swayam feels a bit awkward and tells her that even if there was someone else in his place that person would have done same and Ruhi praises him for his goodness. Ruhi asks Swayam to tell her about rose day and realizes that since she is new in this college so she won’t b able to go but Swayam tells that someone surely will ask her out. Ruhi asks Swayam that who he takes for rose day every year. Swayam thought of Sharon and the time of last rose day. Rey calls Swayam and asks himt o meet him. While Swayam was going out, Ruhi asks him if he can go with her as her date as she doesn’t want to go with anyone else because she is new and hearing that Swayam agrees to that.

Vicky, Amar and Nil were in canteens and watching out girls who hey could ask for date. Nil goes to Simi and praises her stupidly back to back and ask her if she will go with him but she rejects saying she doesn’t accept rejected items. Vickey tries to teaches them on how can they ask a girl to for date. He sees Ruhi sitting there and ask her out but she rejects saying she is going with Swayam. Boys wonder why Swayam isn’t going with Sharon but with Ruhi.

Sharon and Kriya were having fun in girls room and few girls talks about them while Sharon teases them and keep dancing in joy with Kriya.

Rey and Swayam met and Swayam says that everybody knows that Rey is going with Kriya because htye both love each after whatever happened in village while on other hand Sharon tells Kriya that Rey loves her that is why he kissed her and Kriya feels embarrassed. Rey tells Swayam that he doesn’t love kriya neither he wants to think about her right now and he priority is only his goal. When Swayam asks about the kiss so he tells that it was a weak moment and you can’t love someone just because a moment. He says that he can’t handle one for commitment. While Kriya says she is ready for a promise, for a commitment and Sharon tells that she shouldn’t let go of this chance. Swayam asks why does Rey is behaving like this so Rey said that everyone whenever a love comes to his life, goes in end leaving him alone. Swayam tries to convince him so he says that he doesn’t have energy anymore. While on other hand Sharon convince Kriya that propose Rey before rose day. Swayam still tries to convince him but in vain.

Rini comes and congratulate Kriya for going on date with rey while Simi tells Sharon that Swayam is going with Ruhi on rose day. Sharon doesn’t stay there anymore and leaves while girls talks about him. Sharon feels hurt about this.

At night Rey remembers when he kissed Rey and think it is his mistakes that Kriya thinks this way and he has to sort it out. Kriya on other hand thinks now everything is sort. Rey calls Kriya and asks her to meet in college tomorrow as he wants to talk to her privately. kriya feels really happy and thinks that may be he wants to propose him while Rey wants to clear everything and end everything tomorrow.

Precap: Kriya feels excited to go to college and meet Rey while Rey says he doesn’t want to hurt Kriya but he needs to clear everything. Rey and Kriya dance in rehearsal hall.

Update Credit to: blush

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