Dil Dosti Dance 16th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 16th May 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 16th May 2013 Written Update

Part 1:

Episode starts with SwaRon and Swayam is shown blaming himself for TaaRey breakup. Sharon says him that why is he blaming himself and it’s just not that, Rey was also upset with Taani lying about him to his dad. And also they have different ideologies. Swayam says he needs to talk to Rey to which Sharon retort back asking why. Swayam then shouts that it’s about his sister and leaves from there. Sharon self thoughts that she has to tell about Swayam’s arrival to Rey and she was about to call him but at that very moment Swayam comes back. He says that he knows Rey is her best friend and ask her not to tell Rey about his arrival for his sake and goes off. Sharon is all frustrated that she can’t do anything and throws away her phone.

All the boys are shown at Rey’s

place and Vicky is lecturing them all about life. He goes on with his philosophy that there are two types of life, Old Life and New Life. In old life people goes back and in new life they move on. New life is about new and exciting stuffs while old life is about old and boring stuff. He continues saying that in new life there are changes and changes are necessity. He gives example of Bharat, earlier he didn’t knew how to speak English but now he knows, a little though. He also says that earlier Rey was king of college and they all were his he also says that earlier Rey was king of college and now he is mere general. He tells that Rey has to be king all over again. New life means new gang and Bharat puts their gang photo and starts moving marker all over Taani’s face seeing which Rey feels pang at his heart and shouts Bharat. Vicky continues new life means new chicks and all the boys starts doing their crazy antics. At that time Rey sees Swayam calling him and gets worried. He gets aside and picks up his call. Swayam says that he knows that Rey is avoiding him but he wants to meet him (Rey) once. Rey denies saying that he is busy but later on agrees on Swayam’s insistence and tells him to meet on their usual spot. Rey then prays for strength to face Swayam.

Swayam is shown waiting for Rey. Rey comes and asks what was so important that he (Swayam) called him there. Swayam says that he very well knows for what he had called him. Rey says if he there to talk about Taani then he doesn’t want hear it. Swayam apologize to Rey for shouting on him and pleads not to take out his anger and his Dad’s frustration on Taani; she won’t be able to bear it. Rey snaps back that why on earth is he sorry, whatever he did was eye opener for him and whatever was in between him and Taani is over. He continues saying that as a friend he expect him to support his decision but if he wants to support his sister than that also goes well with him. With that Rey leaves from there with tears in his eyes and Swayam shattered.

Part 2:

Tum Hi Ho is played in background and Rey is shown in agony and frustration, having flashback of what happened in the encounter with Swayam and then shouts ‘Taani! I love you!’ with full agony and tears in his eyes. He starts having flashbacks of him and Taani and is crying remembering all those moments.

Swayam is shown entering his home all broken and then he sees Taani sitting on couch all depressed. He asks her that why she was there to which Taani replied that she was waiting for him. She further asks him if he went to meet Rey.

Part 3:

Taani asks Swayam that why is he doing all this to which Swayam replies amusedly asking that what does she means by why is he doing all this, she is his sister. Taani then asks him not to be upset because of her instead try to understand that if she broke up with Rey than there has to be some reason. Swayam asks her that what does she expect him to do in this condition to which Taani replies saying to be her strength. She says him that all he needs to do is to support her in her decision about break up and make her believe that what she did is correct and not wrong. She further says that if Swayam will plead to anyone for her then she will feel that she was wrong in her decision.

Precap: The whole team is shown rehearsing and then ReYam were fighting regarding some position in their routine. SwaRon were shown at staircase with Swayam saying that He doesn’t want Sharon to go through what he has been. Then we see gang discussing about ReYam fight and decides to do something for their patch up.

Update Credit to: Aditi061

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