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Raghv is uploading something on his mobile, he says common just get done soon. Huma comes and says you have gone completely mad. Raghv shows her the video, she says she is so natural but when is shocked when she gets to know this is Ishika. She says she can’t believe that such a shy girl can dance so well. She is dancing as if no one is watching her. Raghv says but someone was watching. Huma hits her down to floor that you are a like the same as all the boys; blo*dy povert. Raghv says it is unjust that no one gets to know about this talent. Huma says no one is going to watch this, he tells her to see the likes. She exclaims it’s more than 200. He says it is the magic of Raghv, stay with me and you will be famous too. Huma says I know how to be famous all alone as well.
She says that her

academy will be the number one dance academy. they were all worried. Nil says now they wont even be in the count. Rey says he doesn’t understand that how can they disqualify us on such a small mistake. Swayam says that if we talk to the higher authority. Karma says that the dance mania rules are very strict, they wont even change their rules for St. Luois. Nil asks how do you know this. Karma says that he worked as dance-mania team last year for one month. They all ask why he didn’t tell this before. He says he didn’t know their D3 founder is so dumb to read carefully a small rule given on the website. Vicky says we do everything in team here. Karma says it is all because of team work. They all argue. Karma leaves saying if they want to be a part of Dance-mania they should contact him when they are done with this baseless discussion. Swayam goes behind him but Rey stops him and says he wants one day time to get registered.
Everyone teased and scrutinized Ishika as she walked into the corridor. Nervous, she comes to washroom and sees her face and dress. It was all cleared. She calls Vishnu and tells him that everyone is watching her in the college. Vishnu says did you look at the mirror today, she says she is looking at it now. He says you have worn white dress, and you look beautiful in it. She says it isn’t like that. He asks her not to be worried. As she comes to the corridor she comes across Raghv, both drop their cell phones. She takes her and leaves talking to Vishnu while Raghv calls her Chui Mui! Watch your video. Vishnu hears this.
Ishika was saying what he thinks about himself. Vishnu asks who is she talking about; it he is teasing her he can… Ishika stops him and says we will go for movie tonight. Vishnu tells her to stay away from him.
Rey was thinking about the registrations. Kriya comes inside, they hug. He tells her about the registration problems. She says she will talk to Abhishek and take a leave. He forbids her and says atleast her dream will come true. They both say that they are necessary for each other and hugs. Rey says he will boast about his girl friend after her success. Kriya says they should tell everyone that she is shooting. He says they will tell them soon. She assures him, he will get it.
Swayam orders cheese sandwich in the café. Some knocks on his shoulder, he says I knew it Sharon. It was Huma; she asks was he expecting someone else. He asks her why she didn’t come to the meeting. He tells her about the registration. She says what, what about the prize money and the academy. She asks Rey must also be stressed. He tells her he has gone to sort it out and he hopes it works this time.
Sharon comes there and sees them talking. Huma says that we all students will protest on the dance-mania day, and will see how they will do the contest. Swayam laughs and says they have even tried this. Sharon cries watching them together, Swayam notices her.
Ishika comes to the café, everyone looks at her. She says they are strange people, seems they will leave her to home. She orders for a samosa, a guy calls her Madhuri ji and tells waiter to give her a cold drink from my side. Some other guy also calls her ‘what a performance Madhuri ji. Karma comes to sit with her and asks what happened. She tells him that everyone is staring her since morning. Karma comes to the guy and asks why he is staring her. He says dude, if she is really shy they why uploaded this video. Karma takes his cell phone; Ishika also watches it and Raghv’s clip in it too.

PRECAP: Raghv and Karma beat each other in the corridor. Rey comes to stop them, Karma shows him the video. Raghv says that he wanted to bring her talent to everyone. Rey holds Karma by collar and warns him to learn control his anger.

Update Credit to: Sona

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