Dil Dosti Dance 15th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 15th October 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 15th October 2013 Written Update

The dance battle is on.The person asks can someone make the most consistent and winning duo loose.Nil and Vicky say us. Audience says they are NDC Champions.Rey enters ans sees this.He cheers up for Vicky and Nil.Girls ask for their name and Rey tells the name.The battle between two starts.Vicky and Nilesh loose it and opposite team wins.The girls say such good faces and such weak dance. Rey thinks these two cannot be such weak dancers.They cannot do a wired act.Rey and Swayam are at Swayam’s place. Swayam says reading a book this problem cannot be solved.Rey says I dont know how to do too.Swayam says you are still lost in it.Rey replies with you are not listening.Swayam says speak up lets discuss and solve.Rey tells him Vicky and Nilesh are such good dancers and they danced so

weak. Swayam says he didn’t see but with what Rey says it seems really poor plus they did not inform anyone about dance battle.Rey adds if he had seen he wold be shocked too.Swayam says why don’t you speak with them directly since you have seen their performance.Sharon calls Rey just then when Swayam asks him to keep it on speaker.Sharon asks Rey is you and Aashi is actually not true.Rey says it is .even I was shocked see Aashi give me such gifts.She asks how is this possible Aashi likes Swayam.Rey replies Aashi likes Swayam and thinks him as a good friend but Rey as admirer.Sharon says that is unpredictable. Rey says many unpredictable things are happening. They then cut the call. Swayam and Rey discuss Sharon the Diva is jealous of Aashi,Swayam is about to describe Sharon is at loss of words. Rey asks are you at loss of words.Swayam says sometimes he does not have words to describe Sharon. They says how Sharon has changed.This is cause of Love as Pyar,Ishk,Mohabath. Sharon is packing the gift when she says I’ll see now till when will Swayam ignore things.She thinks Aashi as Rey’s admirer and she stole the secrete admirer tag why so. Swayam will see the gift and everything will be cleared out. Now just sticking the tag is left out.

Rey is waiting for Vicky and Nilesh near the basketball court. Vicky and Nil come and ask who are you waiting for Rey. Rey says he is waiting for them when they asks about Aashi.Rey says they are too funny.He continues shopping is god.Nice watch Vicky.He asks they have become popular and all.Rey asks yesterday you both went to street battle and lost it.Vicky asks how he knows.Rey says he was there and saw it.Nilesh says their dance must have been weak.Nevermind and both Vicky and Nil move into college.Rey thinks Nevermind they are telling this for dance something is wrong.Swayam enters the college and gets call from Sharon.He says the day must go on well and attends.Sharon askss him where is he.He says he just entered college.Sharon says she wanted to discuss something but first he will go to locker room nah so let me go and then meet her.

Sharon enters the locker room dressed in as Sardar. The bys see her.She asks have you not seen sardar.The guy replies as he has seen sardar but not himSharon replies she is exchange entry.See is shocked seeing so many guys and slowly one by one leaves.She goes into bathroom and hides.Swayam enters the locker room and sees the gift. He takes away the note.Sharon notices this and says what the hell Swayam is doing that means all these gifts are given by me.Swayam says You are arrogant but I’m no less.He thinks if they see gift guys will get confused about who is secrete admirer.Sharon thinks you are trying to fool me Swayam Shekawat now wait and watch.

Precap: Sharon and Swayam have convo in room where the mike gets on by mistake and whole college hears to their talks

Update Credit to: asmaju

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