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Raghv talks to Dadu on phone. He asks you got adjusted in Mumbai soon. He scolds why he wasn’t picking the call, he warns him that there must be no complain from the college. After hang on, he runs after Dida. He says you know I don’t like talking to Gabbar. He says you will now see what I do to you, Dida says you must focus on your career now else she will call Dida here.
Vishnu calls Ishika for breakfast, she says Dil tou pagal hai is on air and she is a great fan of Madhuri. He asks where she learns all the dialogues and the dance steps. She says because she has learned them from Madhuri. Vishnu says he is leaving, she asks wont he eat breakfast. He says he is getting late. She says she is also going with her, he says it is too early. She says she will read some book in the library.

He says why doesn’t she join the dance academy, as she looks good while dancing. She says she is shy; he says she might get the smile of her face back. They leave.
Sharon finds Swayam sitting in the park waiting for her while she comes jogging. She recalls the Huma’s event. She asks what it he doing here. He says he had to talk to her, and gives her the red-rose. She takes it saying thanks. He asks should we go for a coffee. She says the shop must not be open now. He has got the coffee along. He asks her to sit down. She says shall they meet in office. He stops her, she tells him not to create a scene. He says I just want to talk to my girlfriend. She sits down, he gives her the coffee but she doesn’t take it. He asks what the big deal, he didn’t tell her about a student. She says she is the student, and insulted her. He asks you didn’t select her and we did; are you annoyed that she gave audition at your academy or you dislike her. He says that we decided that we will keep the personal and professional life separately; I understood when you said you can’t help us with the academy. Now does she understand this? He asks why she is behaving so immaturely taking a junior. He regrets what he just said.
He asks why is she stretching the thing and forgive her. Sharon says you may forgive me, as I have left the maturity and practicality in cabin and leaves. He is frustrated.
Ishika comes to the college when no one was here. She sees the rehearsal hall and recalls what Vishnu had said to her. She goes there and says with wonder this is such a big rehearsal hall, seems like Dil tou pagal hai set, where Madhuri danced. She picks the nearby lying anklets. She drapes them around her ankle and gets ready to dance. She plays the music on her cell phone and dances on the beat. Raghv was watching her from the door, she winds up her belongings and leave. He says she will do the Sharukh’s part now and call Ishika.
Rey says the manager that he filled the forms with great care. He says that they can’t do the registration as their institution’s registration form isn’t there. Rey says they have applied for it; it will come in four to five days. Rey tells him to check the other papers. He asks for the online submission forms. He asks what? He didn’t know about them, he will do it now. The manager says that the due date for it was two days ago, now you may leave and come back next year. Rey recalls how the BOD also humiliated them for dance and the entire struggle they went through. How he told Swayam about the proposal, Kriya saying it sounds like a good plan. Nil saying they will need money for dancing academy.

PRECAP: Rey was depressed in front of Kriya and says he thinks they lost the dance mania. Ishika tells Karma everyone is staring her. He comes to ask a guy, the guy says if she is so shy she shouldn’t have uploaded the video.

Update Credit to: Sona

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