Dil Dosti Dance 14th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 14th October 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 14th October 2013 Written Update

Nilesh and Vicky and in the street battle grounds where Vicky says they will see others strategy first and then plan and earn.Aashi is in locker room lost in thoughts thinking about the past acts that happened with Sharon. Rinni comes into the locker room and calls Aashi but finds her lost in thoughts.She asks Aashi whats wrong when Aashi says she was just thinking why Sharon is so angry on her always.When ever she feels she comes and shouts at me.It has not started now but from start she was always like this with me alone.She is normal with everyone else but me.Rinni says Sharon is good at heart and asks Aashi to speak with her once.Aashi says speak with her she is scared of her now.She says she cant handle all fights and wants to stay away from them.She says she kind off knows the

reason too.Rinni asks who is it.AAshi says Swayam,Sharon knows I like Swayam and she does not like the fact.Rinni laughs and says Sharon is not like that.She does not like Swayam so the problem must be something else
Aashi says Sharon’s attitude towards her is not positive and somewhere the reason is Swayam.
Rinni says it can be something else.All know in college that Swayam does not make friends so easily and she is close to me.Sharon is used to Swayam’s attention and when she does not get it may be she does not like it.May be Sharon has gone possessive for Swayam.She tells one time during childhood Sharon had a pair of shoes that she did not like but when Rinni would ask her it she would never give it cause its hers. Rinni says she is not used to these heavy talks in morning and moves.Aashi thinks something must be done.Boys where checking if they got the answer.Swayam and Rey in the atrium and says I do not care whoever the person if,it does not look like a secrete admirer bt like secrete mission.Swayam asks Rey to promise that he will stop guys from search mission.Swayam then informs Rey he knows who the secrete admirer is and it is Sharon.Rey is shocked hearing this .Swayam says those gifts where for him and planned by Sharon. Aashi goes and informs the boys that she is the secrete admirer.

The boys says its unbelievable.They asks which means she does not lie Swayam Aashi says not in that sense she likes Swayam and has always loved Rey but was scared to tell.Aashi then moves out.Barath says why always with my friend only.Rey tells Swayam he can’t believe that Sharon is doing all thisto make it up.Swayam asks Rey to go and speak with boys and stop this mission else his and Sharon’s secrete will come out infront of all.Rey calls Vicky and asks him to come to rehearsal hall.The boys arrive in Rehearsal hall and Rey asks the to stop this ission of searching secrete admirer. The boys agree soon.Swayam and Rey are confused and Rey asks why are they laughing.Vicky says they know who the secrete admirer is their mission is soleved.Rey and Swayam are shocked and the boys finally say its Aashi.Swayam too joins the guys are has fun now.Boys say Aashi came to them and told them rthe same

Simmi ,Sharon and Rinni are in projector room when Sharon asks is it true.Simmi says yes the boys messaged saying Aashi is secrete admirer.Sharon smiles.Simmi says she can’t understand the smile indicates what is she happy or sad.
Sharon tells Aashi is good girl and moves.Rinni is confused now as what is happening how did Sharon like Aashi so soon

Rey and Aashi are in terrace trying to speak when boys want to here.Swayam says its bad manners.Rey and Aashi find it bit awkward and after sometime he asks Aashi why this lie.Aashi asks him how does he know its lie. Aashi then tells she had to tell this lie knowingly.Sharon is hating me thinking I like Swayam which is kind of true but Sharon is GS and GS is the boss.Rey says she is intelligent.Aashi says she hopes he will help her.I have many presentations to make and If I and Sharon don’t go well it wont happen.So lets keep this lie till work is done.Rey is silent.Aashi says she knows she is not his friend but at least thinking she is a member of dance team.Re asks her why is she telling so when Aashi says it is known that Rey can give his life for friends but he is thinking which means there is fault in her friendship somewhere.Rey tells they are not good friends but with this act they will become one.Aashi hugs him and boys see this.Rey then shows them a thumbs up sign.Swayam smiles saying naukanki.

Rey and Swayam where having tea and laughing saying all this is lie..the person who is not a secrete admirer is and the person who is actually is is not the one known. Rey asks Swayam now he must go and speak to Sharon.Swayam says not this time.He know she expects the same but this time she must take the step.Rey says he believes it will happen.Swayam asks think so Rey replies with I know so. Rey calls Swayam to do rehearsals.Swayam says fro where Rey went where and then Swayam informs even Vicky and Nil are not here they have gone to some street battle. Rey thinks without informing anyone.

Precap:Street dance battle happens.Rey sees Nil and Vick there.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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