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Nil brings pastries for everyone. Rey is annoyed why he wrote Sara on it. Nil denies writing it. The radio plays some messages. One was for Rey. The girl said she will meet him, in basket ball court. He goes to check who it is. A spot light showed the presence of a girl, he calls Sara. She smiles, but as she turns to him the light goes off. The letter says if you want to see her, he should close his eyes. He was about to leave, when the spot light follows him. He winds the blindfold on his eyes. A girl takes him to the center and dances with him. She removes the blindfold, he is shocked to see Sara. She says she found it, sending him messages on radio and now he is scolding her. He asks is she hungry, what will she eat. She says the famous pao bhaji. He doesn’t believe it.
Raghv and Ishika

think about Ishika’s meeting with the secret admirer. They calls Huma. Raghv asks does she know Ishika’s secret admirer, he can be a serial killer. Huma suggests he should go. Ishika asks Huma to go with her, she says she is busy. Huma tells Raghv that he must go. She tells Ishika she must not tell Raghv about it.
Rey and Sara eat pao bhaji. She tells him that she went to a fort on truck, as she was a bit sad or depressed. He asks her to be clear. She says whenever she is sad, she goes to such trips. He asks was he the reason about sadness. She says she must leave it all, and asks about others. He tells her that Sharon has changed a lot to get adjusted in Swayam’s family. Sara says she must see Sharon, then.

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Sharon wakes up, Swayam brings a bouquet for her. She was annoyed, and asks are these flowers to say sorry. He says that she has decided already that it is his mistake. She asks is there any occasion. He says the occasion is, he saw her as the first person in the morning. She smiles, and takes the flowers. He gets a phone call. She tells him to go ahead. He promises Bua to reach soon, and is in temple. She asks why he lied. He says they won’t lie. Sharon says why they have problem, that they meet. Swayam says he doesn’t have the problem, so why tell them. Sharon asks is there any other way. He says there is no other solution. Sharon says she won’t lie. Swayam says that this way, there will be no drama then. Sharon gets annoyed again. He recalls that they have a date. She says he sounds she is forcing him. He says he will wait for her. She says he will lie again, he says he can do anything for her. She smiles and asks him to go to temple so that she can get ready. She laughs, and tells him breakfast is ready.
Huma watches the arrangement, and says to Karma these are so romantic. He says did she like it. The music begins, he takes her to dance. Her cell phone rings, Karma jerks and says to himself that he must control as it is only a bet. Huma listens this.

PRECAP: Sharon and Swayam dance on the date. Dadi and Bua come there. Bua says ladies in their family don’t dance like this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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