Dil Dosti Dance 14th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 14th March 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 14th March 2014 Written Update


Sanyu and D3 girls are in drunken state from Bhaang. Randhir and D3 boys are trying to control them. Police arrive and ask what’s going on. Some boy from D3 salutes them. Rey asks him to be quiet.

2 hours earlier…

YoYo tells Randhir it’s going to be best party. Randhir asks where is everyone. YoYo is missing the girls. Sanyu, Kastuki, Vidushi arrive. Randhir and YoYo plan something. They go and put colors on the girls. Randhir first puts it on Sanyu.

D3 team arrives now. Girls fight with boys as they brought them to the party by lying to them. They refuse to go with them. Rey and Swayam smile at each other. Sharon is confused.

Sanyu says why they even came here. There are no other girls. Vidushi is missing Parth. Sanyu

says they all will come. This is the day when boys think they get freedom to touch girls. YoYo comes to Kastuki again. Jiggy comes in between. YoYo puts colors on him and kisses him on cheek and then runs away. Jiggy puts colors on Kastuki and wishes her a happy holi.

D3 boys carry and bring the girls in party. Sanyu meets them and introduces her friends to them. Randhir comes and greets everyone. YoYo gets happy seeing all the girls. He puts colors on everyone. The guys go crazy on girls now. Randhir welcomes them to the party. Girls are leaving, boys stop them. Randhir tells Sanyu she can go if she wants, but why she’s taking others. Rey and Swayam ask everyone to stay. The girls think. Boys take them inside. They all dance and celebrate the holi.

The girls are irritated. Randhir comes in running and applies more colors on Sanyu. He says now she’s looking like from a horror film. He asks her not to go out else everyone will get scared. Parth comes and asks Randhir to stop bothering them. Randhir asks if he’s their bodyguard and takes him on side. Some of the girls laugh at Sanyu. She’s irritated. Kastuki says they should do something. Both girls and boys plan something.

Boys start arguing with each other about their colleges. D3 girls support their boys, Sadda Haq girls support their boys. D3 team challenges them to dance.

Rey, Swayam and Sharon dance on Tune Mari Entriyaan.

Sadda Haq team says they are engineers and challenges them for a game of filling in bucket with pichkari. Boys play this game. Sadda Haq team wins. Next task is for girls of drinking thandai. The boys have added bhang in that. D3 team wins. Boys succeed in their plan. All girls get in drunken state now. Rey and YoYo divide all in pairs. Sanyu and Randhir are together. Sharon and Swayam are together. Boys carry girls and they have to take them to the other hand. Parth carries Vidushi. Sharon tells Swayam he’s very cute. Sanyu tells Randhir she’s enjoying a lot. Randhir says he told her he will make this best holi of her. Boys throws girls in colored water. Girls get serious first but then laugh. The girls are going crazy. Boys try to control them.

Sanyu catches Randhir’s neck with her dupatta. She asks him where he will go now. He’s trapped. Randhir tells her to behave like a girl. Sanyu pulls him and they get close. Randhir tries to go away, but Sanyu pulls him and his shirt gets torn. She tells him he exposes himself good. Randhir pulls her to him now and both have eyelock. Sanyu asks him to leave her. Randhir asks her what she was saying. Sanyu says if she doesn’t make his holi memorable, then her name won’t be Sanyukta. Both have eyelock again. Sanyu then bits his hand and runs away. Randhir is running behind her. They dance on Balam Pichkari song.

Sharon whistles and Swayam is surprised. She’s making an announcement. Swayam goes to her and asks her to come down. Sharon says until he doesn’t say I love you to her, she won’t move. She’s going crazy. Swayam tells her to come down first and then he will say. Sharon loses her balance and falls in Swayam’s arms. She laughs and asks him to say I love you. He says it. Sharon asks him to say it loudly in front of all. They have eyelock and he says I love you loudly. Sharon gets happy. They then dance on Lahu Muh Lag Gaya song.

Back to present time..

The boys are sitting as murga. The girls are laughing. Police say they heard there’s bhang here. YoYo says it’s called prasad. The cop asks him to shut up. The boys apologize. Girls come from behind and puts colors on boys’ faces. Girls say it was their plan and the cop is their friend. The boys fall in girls’ feet and apologize to them. They say good plan and then throw colors at them. They all dance together on Baby Doll song… they wish Happy Holi and that’s the end..

Update Credit to: Nishi

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