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Swayam says to her on phone that he is always here for her. She comes out of the office and they confront each other.
Raghv says to Ishika that before class he always feels hungry. Do you? She says no. he says he likes a double cheese burger with brown bread. Do you? She says no. He says there is something on your face. She asks what. He says it’s her nose. She goes to sit with Huma. Huma asks Raghv is it done. She asks Ishika does everyone irritate you. She says no, just this mad guy. Huma says that one has to get rid of mad people. Huma holds hands for Ishika; she takes it and asks Huma is she from Mumbai. She asks where you from are. Ishika tells her she is from Kolkatta. Huma asks do you live with some relative. She asks how do know, Huma says had you been staying in the college hostel,

this smile wouldn’t be here. Raghv comments from back that I wanted to do the friendship and you took the turn. Huma laughs that life is unfair.
Raghv gets a call, he thinks Gabbar; he was the one left today.
In the D3 academy, the all missed the college. Swayam comes and says that their most organized members went to the St. Louis. They all teased him that she is her girl friend. Karma comes and says he came here for auditions but he isn’t mentally prepared to be a part of this academy. He wants to take a trial of one week. Rey comes and says that this is a dance academy not a telly ad thing. Karma says this isn’t a world class academy as well. Rey asks is your dance world class, why did he come here then. Karma says that life gave him talent but not enough money to fulfill them; however he can compromise the academy over his dream. Swayam says to Rey that I was thinking we haven’t a problem with the one week trial. He tells Karma he is sure he won’t regret his decision. Huma comes asking who wont regret his decision. Karma says Oh! Gosh, you are here again. Huma says I came here before you. Karma says that obviously all the rejected students of St. Louis come here. Everyone shouted in surprise. Huma says offcourse, that is why you are standing here. Karma says I never get rejected. Huma asks really? Karma says that the academy who selects a dancer like me, I can’t get in therr.
Sharon was in her office; Raghv comes and peeks through the door. She sees her mobile. Raghv comes inside and says at your service mam. She asks what you are doing here. Raghv says that if she can stay so late, why he can’t help. She says she is doing it for the dance-mania; this competition will launch them as well as prove their calibre. She asks does he have an interest in dance, he shows by dancing her. She gets lost, he asks is she tensed. She says they want another strong dancer for the dance-mania. She recalls Swayam, then stands up to scold Raghv. He gets serious, she laughs; and says thanks as she wanted to change her mind. He says for this laugh, he can listen to her scolds daily. She says he is going to be scolded in the dance academy, as his concentration will be somewhere else. He says that right now her concentration is also not here. She tells him she is just stressed. He says it must be difficult to manage work and boyfriend together. His cell phone rings and he leaves.
Rey was in academy, Huma comes to Rey and says had Karma not left, he had to push him out of here. Rey says that fresher’s party has ended, still your fight didn’t end. Huma says she has no fights with her, but who is he to judge the academy. rey says that you must now focus on your dance, that Karma must face me before you. Huma says it feels good that you take stand for me… I mean your team.
Karma was in the basket ball court, Swayam comes and says how you judged St. Luois? Did you judge it. Swayam says Sharon told him he is a potential dancer. He says that’s why I want to learn from the best. Swayam asks that you think because we have no infrastructure you think we cant train. Karma says I don’t trust you. Swayam says we don’t trust you too, but for dance passion is important. Karma says he hadn’t left his family without passion. He says that shouldn’t you avail this opportunity today. He tells him that not everyone gets everything on the platter. It was passion who brought a government school literate who couldn’t speek English to be Miss Universe, a tea staller to be a president, a dyslexive Abhishek Bachan to be an actor. If you have passion, leave the outer look. Karma says that was something. Swayam says that you must decide today, do you want to join this academy or not. He says he will join it, but keep that Huma away. They shake hand.
Raghv comes home and says to Dida why is she watching the serial. She says why wasn’t he answering Dadu. She dials the number, he says he doesn’t want to talk. Then goes away with the phone.
Sharon thinks she should call Swayam. She gives him two rings, but before he picks it she disconnects. She thinks hasn’t she over reacted? He calls her, but she disconnects. She says to his pic that you have cut me from your life; you took an important decision to select that girl and told me when you humiliated me in front of everyone. She recalls the party scenes.

PRECAP: The registrar asks Rey where the online registrations form is. Rey says he didn’t know about them, he will submit them right now. He tells him that the online registration date has passed two days ago.

Update Credit to: Sona

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