Dil Dosti Dance 14th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 14th February 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 14th February 2013 Written Update

Everyone celebrates when they see they’re getting famous online. So they all think group dance will happen now. Sharon pretends to smile but inside, she’s worried. Heart Beat plays again and Swayam for a while dances around her. Sharon tries to look away to not get affected.

Next day, Aashi thinks a stage is bolloywood and runs up to start dancing there. Everyone else try pulling her off the stage as it’s the wrong one. Finally after many tries, they succeed. Rey sees the organizer having a problem as one of the team for group dance is unavailable. He convinces her to take them in their place. She agrees but informs them that it’ll be up to judges to count them in or not. Rey says they’re fine with it.

And so, the girls perform brilliantly

on Ku Ku Ku Ku. The crowd is crazy when they finish.

Nilesh says that he really wishes they get a group performance. Swayam says, Unfortunately, they don’t get everything they ask. It is indirectly meant towards Sharon. Rey notices that and looks from him to Sharon and away. SwaRon have a pehla nasha LLHH.

Taani says tomorrow, her and Rey will be suspended. Sharon comments that they will be as well. Everyone asks ‘they?’ and she expands in her and Swayam. Swayam thinks to himself glad that she at least called them hum, even if it was for suspension issue. Rey is definitely the silent admirer and passing grins

Sharon yells at Swayam to stop giving him such looks. And yet, Swayam smiles.

Everyone says it’s dance for them and that is their study as well. They perform for themselves.

A person comes and asks them to perform and asks to talk to the manages. At once, everyone steps back, leaving Sharon ahead. It’s assumed she is thus their manager. Sharon takes up the role and pays the fees to perform. Everyone gets excited when he asks them to give a group performance. They all nod their head eagerly and so Sharon agrees.

They get in their costumes for the dance. Sharon too gets dressed up and says obviously she’ll be there in their first professional dance! Everyone is happy. After a group hug, they all proceed towards the stage. Sharon stays back to use the inhaler.

Precap: Group performance. Swayam climbs in Sharon’s room and when she yells, he pulls her closer. Taani and Rey have romantic moment as well. In college, AVP calls them. Another notice followed by a revolt.

Update Credit to: Khushi

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