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Sharon leaves the car angrily, why Teelu came in the car. Swayam scolds him, that this was wrong. Teelu says what he did was also wrong, should he tell mummy; else he wants a play station.
Rey was making Chintoo practice, he gets a text message and calls the number, it was unreachable. He says it is Sara for sure, and calls her to come out.
Swayam calls Sharon, He says good morning. Swayam asks why is she angry. She says his bua sent tellu with them. Swayam explains that Teelu is the naughtiest child in house. He says his dadi and bua wants to meet her mom. She says alright and asks to hang on. He says if she speaks like this, his day wont spend fine. She says he has no time for her, he says they will go to a dinner tomorrow. Bua hears the plan, and thinks she will make it memorable.

Bharat was against the idea, but everyone agreed. Rey says to Bharat that Sharon’s mom apologized. Bharat denies, but Rey says they will decide with majority’s opinion. Bharat leaves, saying his opinion isn’t needed. Vicky puts a condition.
Dida asks Ishika for breakfast. Raghv says he isn’t going to college. Ishika tells Dida she is changing house, next week. Some people wants to get rid of her. Dida says she will not go anywhere, and asks Raghv why is he quiet. Raghv looks at her, stands up, takes Ishika from shoulders and says she cant go anywhere leaving her. Raghv was sitting on the chair, and says its her life, she must decide. Dida tells Ishika she isn’t leaving anywhere, and asks Ishika to sit for breakfast. They both get a text together. Dida asks are they talking to each other on messaging. They denies, Ishika says she doesn’t want to talk to Raghv.
Avantika was worried that NYDU wants whole of their investment back. Rey comes and says Bharat has some reservations, as taking the past. She says it isn’t his mistake, Rey says they have a condition to join that there will be a new name. He shakes her hand, she promises to talk to Bharat herself.
Sharon asks Kaka, if all the Indian food is ready. She was worried about gajar ka halwa. Avanika comes and says that they must not change for anyone so much that they will forget their own choices. She affirms that all the arrangements are done and tells her about merger. Sharon cheers and goes to get ready.
They all think about the name of academy. Rey suggests it is DnD, Dreams and Dance academy. They all agree. Nil says he has brought something for them.

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Dadi and Bua come home. Avantika greets and invites them inside. Sharon touches their feet. Bua says to dadi, that she is wearing a cheap saree. Sharon says to maa, that bua likes her sarees so they will gift her one. The servant brings limo pani for them. Bua says they offer sharbat for them. Sharon says she doesn’t know how to cook, but she will learn it. Bua says at their home, they serve themselves. Avantika asks Sharon to serve them, and asks they had to say something important.

Dadi says she came to invite her and Sharon for dinner tomorrow. Avantika gets a call, and leaves. Bua says that the guests aren’t left alone. Sharon says mom is a bit busy. Bua says it is difficult to handle outside and household meetings, their women looks after house hold only.
Avantika comes back, and says tomorrow the dinner won’t be possible as there are some important work related to their dance academy. Bua says important is every work, for which you want to take time. Avantika says she wants to spend a lot of time with them, shall they keep it day-after –tomorrow.
Bua asks if Sharon can come there, Avantika says Sharon is also busy. Bua says what is the need, as Sharon has to look after the house hold then. Avantika says Sharon will look after the academy, as well as the house as she is the girl of today. Bua says she (Avantika) has given her answer, what she can say now. Avantika says she is requesting them to keep the dinner a day later. The servant asks them to do the dinner, but they say they will meet a day after tomorrow. Sharon requests them to stay, but they take a leave. Avantika says thank you, and promises to meet day after tomorrow.
Sharon says they were upset, maybe. Avantika says they will understand their position. Tomorrow is an important day, and they are meeting day after tomorrow. They will be fine. Sharon sits in the room, and thinks how pressurizes she feels, how many responsibilities she will have. She gets Swayam’s call, he says he was thinking about her. She says hid dadi and bua just left. Swayam asks how did it go, they were a bit upset. Teelu comes there. Sharon tells him they wanted to invite them for dinner, but they promised to come a day after tomorrow. Swayam says they can come in the evening. Sharon says they will be tired, and then the heave dinner. Swayam gets annoyed that his family wants to understand them, whatever they want to do, and hangs on.

PRECAP: Rey dances with a girl, his eyes blind folded. He removes it, and finds it Sara.

Update Credit to: Sona

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