Dil Dosti Dance 13th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 13th May 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 13th May 2013 Written Update

The conversation between Rey and Sharon continues.Rey says the girl who does not understand my passion how will she understand her.How will she when she does not have a passion.I can’t even come out of this.I’m just tolerating her cause she is Swayam’s sisters.Sharon says he needs to speak once with Taani.Rey replies what will he say.He has to make her uncle happy,stay away from friends and what not.I’m Reyaansh Singhania Do I have any less girls around.How will he make one understand when she dreams about the martial life.Taani hears this breaks out and move.Sharon calls Rey and tells she is gone.Rey asks did Taani hear it.Sharon replies Taani heard everything.Rey cries and hugs Sharon.Taani is in the girls locker room thinking about all that just happened.She self talks that she

cant believe it that this is happening.Rey has told so.She thinks this all sounds like a bad dream.The inner Taani comes and says its enough of crying and she needs to be her old self.

Rey tells to Sharon that she needs to make Swayam realize that all these happened cause of the fight cause Taani will sure tell about the issue to Swayam.Sharon asks why don’t you tell the truth to Swayam.Rey says he cant as Swayam is smart and will think how come he left elims for Taani and no he is bored.The only way to make Taani understand is giving her a shock and moreover Taani is Swayam’s sister.Sharon asks but why do you want to become a villian.Rey says each love story has a villian in it.

Rey is at his home and thinking about all that he told to Sharon.Taani is thinking about the proposal and the events that she heard earlier the day.Swayam knocks Taani’s door and calls her but she does not hear.He opens it and calls but she hears only after two or three calls.Swayam ask did she have her food.Taani says she will have but after sometime.Swayam asks if she is fine.She says she is fine.Swayam says he is going to college for rehearsals. Taani asks if all are coming.Swayam says that only him and Sharon.Taani thinks so Rey will not do rehearsals.Swayam asks her its different as she is not asking their schedule .Taani says she was lost somewhere and will be back by one day.The inner Taani says its time that she calls Rey and announces a break up at the same place where he confessed.

Taani calls Rey and says that she needs to meet him.Rey says not now.Taani says she knows it is not his rehearsals today.She wants him one last time come jumping from her window.Rey agrees.Taani says its time to complete the chapter of Mr.Reyaansh Singhania.Rey sees Taani through the window.

Precap:Rey and Taani cry their heart out.Sharon and Swayam skate dance.Swayam asks Taani why is she crying.He moves to meet Rey.Rey calls Sharon and asks her to make Swayam stay with her.Sharon calls and asks Swayam to meet.Swayam says not now.Sharon says its about your sister.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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