Dil Dosti Dance 13th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 13th March 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 13th March 2014 Written Update

Rey can’t sleep in night as he keeps seeing Kriya as soon as he closes his eyes. He gets a call and says, yes Kriya. Swayam says it’s him. He asks about Sharon. Rey says she is fine. She must be sleeping by now. Swayam asks Rey if he was thinking about Kriya. Rey says yes as she didn’t call or anything. Swayam tells him not to take tension, Kriya will call when she’s ready. Rey says he doesn’t have patience like him. Swayam says right that is why he still couldn’t express his feelings to Kriya. He says he will meet in college tomorrow and hangs. Ruhi comes to Swayam and asks what Rey said. Ruhi says she told him Sharon must be sleeping. She asks him to sleep now as well. She goes to help him, but he says he is sleeping. He tells her to sleep as well now.

Rey thinks

he might find Kriya online as it’s morning in USA. He sends her a message, but she goes offline. He thinks Kriya also thinks it’s all his fault. He’s frustrated.

Ruhi watches Swayam sleeping and smiles..
It’s morning. Swayam is reading newspaper. Ruhi comes to him with breakfast. She rings the bell to get his attention. He asks what’s all this. She says room service, just for him. He asks her what was the need for all this. Ruhi asks him to eat and then says she likes to cook for people whom she love. Swayam gets shocked and asks what she said. Ruhi says he’s her friend and she loves her friends. Swayam says okay… Other hand, Sharon doesn’t eat breakfast. She asks Kaka if any call from Swayam. Kaka says no. Sharon feels angry. She wonders what Swayam is upto. Ruhi asks Swayam how’s the food. Swayam says it’s nice. Ruhi says she will get more. Swayam says no as he’s not used to eat such heavy breakfast. He thinks of calling Sharon to ask her how’s her health now, but Ruhi snatches the phone. She says she’s his friend so she has at least these many rights. It’s not good to talk while eating.

Sharon shouts at the cafe guy. He tells her that he warns her friend. Sharon realizes Ruhi brought coffee for her yesterday. She can’t believe Ruhi can do this. There must be a mistake. She recalls Ruhi always interfering between her and Swayam, and it’s strange Swayam didn’t reply yesterday. Swayam comes and asks him if she’s okay.

Vicky scares Nil and then tells him about Rock-band surprise. Nil says it would have been great if they had one more ticket, they could take Simmi too. Vicky says it was a surprise for him and asks him to stay away from Simmi for one night. They toss a coin and Vicky wins. He tells Nil if he ditches him now, then he won’t talk to him. Nil asks why he’s becoming like Simmi now. Simmi hears it and gets angry. Nil goes behind her.

Sharon indirectly tries to find out from Swayam about her message, but no luck. She then takes his phone to call Rey. Swayam goes to get coffee for him. Ruhi is talking to her friend there. Sharon stares at her and then checks Swayam’s phone. She finds out that her message was deleted. Ruhi sees Sharon staring at her. She then goes to Swayam and Sharon continues to stare at her. Ruhi leaves. Sharon follows her.

Simmy, Nil are arguing. Vicky adds fuel in the fire. Nil doesn’t say anything to Vicky and Simmi gets angry. Nil continues following her. Vicky says, you really become a dog in love. He teases Nil and they dance on song “Ban Gaya Kutta”.

Sharon comes to the locker room behind Ruhi and asks her what she’s doing. Ruhi says she just came to put her books. Sharon tells her she knows what she’s doing and it’s impossible to make her fool. Ruhi starts getting worried and drops her book. Ruhi acts as if she’s clueless. Sharon asks her to stop playing games behind her innocent face. Ruhi says she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Sharon asks her if she didn’t know the coffee that she brought for her was bad. Episode ends.

Precap: Rey, Swayam, and Sharon invite everyone for Holi special episode tomorrow. They are shown playing Holi along with Sadda Haq team.

Update Credit to: D3 Fan


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