Dil Dosti Dance 13th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 13th February 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 13th February 2014 Written Update

Rey realizes that Kriya is feeling something different .So he decides to do something about it.He goes back to the students with whom he was discussing about arrangements.Kriya admires him from distance.Rey looks at her after sometime and they share an eye lock.Zehnaseeb song plays in back ground.

Swayam meets Ruhi in the corridor and asks her about her classes.She tells him that she is waiting for classes to start .Sharon comes and Ruhi greets her.Sharon responds to her.She starts talking about rose day arrangements and tells Ruhi to excuse them as they are talking about work.Swayam tells her to stay back .Sharon says she is not a part of cultural team.Ruhi says she was planning to go to canteen and leaves them alone.Sharon gives Swayam instructions about arrangements and

work allotments.Also she tells him to be careful about budget.

In canteen ,Nil and Vicky are talking about VP sir.They dont address VP sir as Sir.Ruhi interrupts them and tells them to call elders with respect.Nil and Vicky goes towards Ruhi and tells her that they are very close to VP.Swayam enters and introduces Ruhi as VP sir’s niece.Nil and Vicky leave the place nervously.Ruhi asks Swayam anout Sharon if she is Swayam’s boss.He tells her Sharon is everyone’s boss.

Kriya is thinking about Rey.Sharon comes there and tells her about next test.She tells her to call Rey for a treat and she will take care of other things.Kriya thanks her for her help.

Kriya meets Rey at BB court and invites him for thank you treat.Rey tells her to not to be formal.Kriya says she likes him.They share an awkward moment.She changes her statement and says she would like him to come.Kriya says she feels like her dream is getting closer to her.Rey says their dream of dance academy is getting closer day by day.Kriya tells him the name of the place and informs him that she has also invited Sharon.Rey is surprised to know about Sharon.Kriya thinks Rey wants to spend time only with her.Rey is relaxed that Kriya has invited Sharon as well.He tells her he will meet her there.He leaves the place.Kriya calls Sharon and informs her that Rey accepted her invitation.Sharon says she will be there.

In the restaurant,Kriya thanks both Sharon and Rey for helping her.Sharon tells her that she needs to choose one among Rey and Sharon.Kriya says she cant do this.Sharon asks the same question to Rey.Rey and Kriya both deny to answer her question.They says who ever reaches the candy floss shop first ,he has to answer.Kriya pays the bill and they leave the place. Rey goes back inside to get his mobile.Sharon takes the next step in her plan and signals a car to come towards them.Kriya and Sharon act in the middle of the road.Rey notices the car coming towards them and scream Kriya’s name.Sharon and Kriya start smiling after seeing his reaction.He saves both of them .Rey asks Kriya if she is fine.Kriya and Sharon thank him for saving them.Rey asks Sharon if that was her car.Sharon changes the topic and says many people have the same car.Rey doubts them after seeing them so unaffected.

After college,Sharon and Kriya are talking about their plan on phone.Sharon tells Kriya that she is happy that Rey took Kriya’s name.This means he likes her.Kriya tells her she cant believe that Rey chose her over Sharon.She says love is such a beautiful feeling.Someone make them feel protected and cares about them.Its the best feeling in the world.Sharon gets emotional and says love is the the best feeling .But all are not lucky enough to get it.Kriya says ,everything seems good and she can see her dream come true.Sharon says its late and she will meet her in college.Sharon recalls the village incidents when Swayam saves her .She wonders if Swayam will care for her if he will be in same situation.She remembers her promise to herself about not getting affected by Swayam.She says ,this wont happened and even he dont want that to happen.

Rey is thinking about Kriya and thinks if he is getting attracted towards Kriya again.He thinks they can only be friends and nothing more than that can happen between them.He recalls the moments during the day when Kriya hugged him,he took her name and he saved her.He tries to divert him mind.

While reading Swayam gets a photograph of Sharon from his book.He recalls their confession and moments of love.

Precap: V Valentine’s Day special promo.

Update Credit to: Deepika

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