Dil Dosti Dance 13th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 13th February 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 13th February 2013 Written Update

Episode resumes with Sharon trying to escape Rey’s hold and grabbing on to Swayam as a result. Swayam tells Rey to let go after holding Sharon’s hand and instantly, Rey let’s her go; resulting in Sharon crashing into Swayam and hugging him. Everyone in the back ground sings Baahon Ke darmiyaan as Swayam hesitates on putting his arms around her and stays rooted. The song actually starts playing when Sharon moves her head back to look at him and apologizes. Swayam asks if she’s concerned for him and she replies back with ‘Concern my foot’ and leaves from there. swayam grins to self and goes in with rest of them to play in the water.

All the while, Aashi was looking at SwaRon and a bit hurt even after knowing Swayam and Sharon are meant to be. Taani pulls her in

when she sees her standing by herself.

Inside, the girls and boys are shouting at each other and arguing like cats and dogs. Rey tries to calm them down. Sharon comes then and yells at them before giving them all coffee and asking them to chill. They all enjoy when Taani rushes there to ask if anyone has Swayam. Rey informs her he was looking for medical. Taani shows them the shirt tells them all that she’s worried as she saw blood on his shirt. Sharon is immediately concerned and tries not to show it to others. Rey tells Taani to relax and not worry as Swayam isn’t a delicate girl. Nevertheless, Sharon gets up from there and leaves.

Just as she knew where he would be, she lands up there and watches him burn in pain as he applies medicine and telling himself that he’s ready to take this pain as the marks are signs from Sharon. Sharon cannot continue to watch this, hesitates and thus turns to leaves when her heels make a sound, ending in Swayam turning and seeing her. She makes up an excuse that she was here to see the props as they had them here last year. Swayam asks, ‘So?” Sharon continues and in a bare whisper, says sorry. When asked for what, she replies pointing at the wound. To which, Swayam cheekily replies, My pleasure.

When she turns to leave, Swayam asks if she isn’t dancing because of him. She turns with attitude and warms him to not give himself so much importance. Then she asks if he’ll be satisfied if she dances as that will prove that she has no feelings for him. Indirectly, saying that if she doesn’t dance, then she has feelings for him. Swayam catches that and Sharon turns to leave once again but Swayam stops her way. He questions her why her eyes says something and she says the opposite. “Why can’t I touch you? Why can’t I see you? Why does your heart beats faster when I come near you? Why Sharon?

She has no answers and she has his back faced to him, trying to hide in her tears as it’s hard for her as well to stay away from him but that is the only option she has so that he doesn’t give up his passion too for her. She walks away from there, leaving Swayam confused and gloomy.

Outside, she gets attack as she is running to get away from Swayam. she gasps for air. Simmi comes to her aid and gives her the inhaler. She then makes her sit down and explains to Sharon that she knows she’s worried about how to escape the group dance tomorrow and that she researched online. If she uses the inhaler 4 hours prior taking any stress, then it could work. But then again, she isn’t sure.

Sharon flashes back to the moment where she told Swayam that if she dances, then it would mean she has no feelings for him. And so, in order to make Swayam think she doesn’t like him and so he moves on, she tells Simmi that she is ready to take the risk. She then thanks Simmi and all Simmi can do is hug Sharon with all her heart.

On the beach, everyone is rehearsing while Sharon calls out the beats and watches. She gets another attack and she goes away and uses the inhaler again as Heart Beat Instrumental plays in the back ground. She remembers when the doctor told her to stay away from dance and when she said those spiteful words to Swayam on why he thinks she’ll keep the promise of dancing when she is breaking the promise of staying together. The time when Swayam said I Love You when Sharon asked him to do his whole discussion in one line.

Their hug on the beach when Rey let her go. How Swayam told her that if she had said his name before itself, none of it would have happened. The episode ends on her thinking/worried face.

Precap: Everyone says group dance will be done! Girls give their performance. Sharon is tensed.

Update Credit to: Khushii

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