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Swayam asks Sharon if she has really called her. Sharon asks why. Swayam says Bua normally doesn’t allow anyone in the kitchen, but is she invited her she is really fond of her. Sharon cheers, so does everyone else. She leaves. Rey says she is really happy. Swayam says she is struggling to adjust in his family. Rey says she will, Swayam hopes so. Rey comes back to the point, Swayam says Sharon isn’t home and they are sitting at her place, shouldn’t they go somewhere else. They all agree, and leave.
In the college, the teacher gives them mock exams. Ishika and Raghv are left alone in class, when peon brings letter for her. She wonders who must have sent it, Raghv gets closer and reads it aloud. She closes it, and leaves. She says where his manners are, he checks her bags, reads her

letters. He asks what has happened to her, does she know how she was. He remembers her as shy, afraid Ishika; now she has made someone her boyfriend, does she has an idea it can be so dangerous. She asks why is he tensed. He says he cares for her. She asks why he is suffocating her. He asks why she is come to confess her feelings to him, if he tortures her so much. She says she isn’t afraid of anyone, but a coward like him isn’t worth anyone’s feelings.
Bua asks Sharon about help. She asks does she know this daal takes Rai’s tarka. Sharon laughs that rai is her middle name. Bua shows her the rai, Sharon says okay, mustard. Bua asks what did she say, then goes to complain to maa that Sharon is calling her bad names. Sharon doesn’t understand, then says she is saying Mustard-meaning Rai. Bua says she knows, she heard it wrong. Sharon empties all the rai, in the daal. Bua asks what did she do, Sharon says it is so small in size so she poured it all. Bua then asks her to make parathas. Sharon smiles and goes there.
Vicky says to Nil that Swayam got a girl like Sharon, and here is he. Nil says he is unlucky, he had thought about a rich girl to get in Swayam’s engagement but there is no engagement taking place. Vicky curses his luck again, and they all laugh. Rey says they have come here to discuss that must do about this venture. He asks then to think about the pros and cons of this. Bharat says he is against it. Rey says he must not be negative only, he must take some time. Nil says they will take the decision till tomorrow.
At home, Swayam arrives and watches Bua and Sharon serving. Swayam asks that Sharon helped them in cooking. Bya says she told her the meaning of Rai, even. She has made a special daal, and burnt paratha for him. Bua says she tries a lot to learn. Swayam thinks thanks god, Sharon and Bua are bonding. Bua’s husband arrives, Swayam takes his blessings. Sharon serves them all the food. Sharon says to Swayam he must taste this one, it is the best and took a bite from his plate. Dadi says in their house, women eat after the men. Bua says that now she is a part of their family. Sharon says dadi is wrong, why should a woman wait. Bua tells her to be quiet, and asks her to go inside. She leaves curtly.
Ishika says she doesn’t want to live with Raghv. Huma asks if there is some problem. Ishika says he himself is a problem, whatever happened in the village after that he is behaving weird. She says someone is sending her gifts as secret admirer. Raghv was checking her bag, in her room. Huma says this is wrong, but they will find a solution to it. She says they must now go, as Karma is waiting for her. Ishika asks is there any secret affair going on, Huma forbids her to say something in front of him.
Swayam comes to Sharon in the room, and asks her to eat it. She says she won’t eat, as she is a girl. He asks her not to get annoyed. He says why is she pouring the family’s tradition’s anger on food. She says it is an outdated tradition. She will stay hungry, if he goes out of town someday. He laughs, and says she is so sweet as she talks about Karwa chot and is angry as well. He says he won’t eat it, if she does as he can’t live like this. She laughs. He says she is caught now and makes her eat with his own hands. She says she was really hungry.
Bua comes calling her for dinner. Sharon says her stomach is full. Teelu comes calling, Sharon says she is coming. Swayam hides the plate. Bua calls again, and Sharon goes out. Bua says she must be really hungry. Sharon says she isn’t hugry anymore, but dadi says she must eat. Bua asks the kids to make bhabi eat. They enforce food on Sharon. Dadi says she must never say what she did today, and makes her eat jalebi forcefully. Sharon feels nausiatic. Dadi asks what she did. Bua says vomit after sweet. Bua asks is she expecting, Sharon leaves denying.
Swayam asks Sharon what happened, when she comes from washroom. She says she is sorry, as she isn’t used to eat this heavy. Dadi says she should get used to it. Bua says now she should keep her health food aside, as no one here eats it; sugarless, tasteless, useless. Swayam asks if she needs some lime water or anything.
Huma and Karma walks aside at night. Huma tells him that why doesn’t Raghv accept he loves Ishika, when he is being possessive about her. Karma asks if she will go on date. Then qualifies what if Raghv says something to Ishika. Huma says so he was talking about them. Karma aks what did she think Huma says she isn’t than simple, and asks for the plan. He says wow, someone else gets benefit from the plan. Huma says once the plan gets successful she will fulfil his one wish. He says date’s plan is fixed. She asks how will they invite them. He says tomorrow, at 8. He will decide the place.
Swayam goes to drop Sharon. She was annoyed, that how will she adjust in his family when they impose so much onto her. He says she is complaining the way she is being tortured, they make her eat with much love as they thought she is still hungry. He asks her to be easy. She says it’s ok, and smiles. He says he is really happy, that she spent quality time with Bua and Dadi. They will start understanding her, soon. They pulls the car, and were about to kiss when Teelu appears.

PRECAP: Sharon says to Swayam that his dadi invited them to dinner, and they are busy tomorrow so her mom asked to shift the dinner the next day. Swayam gets annoyed, favoring his family.

Update Credit to: Sona

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