Dil Dosti Dance 12th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 12th March 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 12th March 2014 Written Update

Sharon feels like vomiting after drink cold coffee. She leaves from there. Swayam was going to check, but Ruhi stops him and says she will go as what he will do in girls bathroom.

Nil and Simmi are together. Vicky comes to Nil and asks him to come on side. Nil asks for permission to Simmi. Vicky finds it strange. Simmi is irritated and asks him why he’s asking her. Nil reminds her about their conversation. He keeps confirming from her and Simmi leaves from there in irritation. Vicky tells Nil that she’s dominating him. Nil says she’s his girlfriend and keeps talking about breakup. Vicky says Nil has lost his rap behind the girl. Nil starts raping and Vicky sings about Simmi dominating Nil. Nil makes him quiet.

Ruhi comes back and tells Swayam and Rey that

Sharon fell sick, but she is still saying she will go to Swayam’s house. Rey says he will take Sharon to a doctor and he leaves. Ruhi asks Swayam shall they go? Swayam asks where. Ruhi says to his home. Swayam says no one really has to go with him, he’s fine, but Ruhi doesn’t let him say him much.

Rey informs Sharon that Swayam left with Ruhi. Sharon finds it weird that Swayam left without even telling her. Rey calls doctor and doctor says he will come to Sharon’s house. Rey takes Sharon to her house. Doctor checks Sharon and says she has food poisoning. Sharon says she just had coffee in college and this started after that. Rey drops the doctor to the door and comes back. He tells Sharon that he’s going to stay with her tonight. Sharon says it’s okay, he had stressed night yesterday and she doesn’t want to trouble him. Rey says he doesn’t want to talk about last night. Sharon receives a message from Kriya. Sharon informs Rey that Kriya reached New York and she will call later. Rey asks that’s all she said? Sharon says yes. Rey then says he will take her to her room, but Sharon says she wants to sit on sofa tonight. Rey brings blanket for her. Sharon then messages Swayam asking if everything is okay.

Ruhi is getting Swayam’s bed ready. She reads the message and gets irritated saying Sharon won’t even leave Swayam alone here. She deletes the message and says, she won’t let Swayam even think about Sharon as long as she’s with him. Swayam comes and stops Ruhi from getting his bed ready. Ruhi says she is used to this and she doesn’t mind doing it. Swayam then asks if he got any message. Ruhi says that sound came from her phone. Swayam again stops her and tells her that he’s absolutely fine and he doesn’t need anyone here today. Ruhi picks up her bag and starts crying. Swayam stops her. Ruhi says he doesn’t like her being in his house. Swayam says he just doesn’t want to trouble her. He then lets her stay.

Sharon is getting restless and angry as she didn’t get reply back from Swayam even though it shows he read the message. She restarts her phone thinking network issue, but still no message. She then goes to sleep, but can’t sleep either. She finally puts pillow on her face and sleeps.

Kriya is shown in New York. Rey is punching the boxing bag. Both remember their moments. Rey feels frustrated.

Precap: Ruhi is exposed to Sharon – Sharon recalls the cafe guy telling her he warned Ruhi about milk products and Sharon herself checking Swayam’s phone and finding out that her message was deleted. She comes in the locker room and stares at Ruhi.

Update Credit to: D3 Fan

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