Dil Dosti Dance 12th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 12th February 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 12th February 2014 Written Update

Sharon tells Kriya the rules and process of SRP love test.Kriya hopes Rey will take her name in the game.Sharon gives her confidence that Rey will take her name and she can share her feelings with them.Sharon tells her she can share her feelings on Rose day in perfect situation and ambiance .

Nil and Vicky are not allowed in exams as they dont have full attendance .Other tease them for bunking classes due to stupid reasons.Both are upset that they have to attend classes in Rose day excitement.Simi teases them for being punished for not attending classes.

VP says spending so much money on Rose day is not possible.Sharon tries to convince him .She says they can open Rose day for other colleges but he says they took funds for Village project and they are still not sure

about the outcomes .So they need to be careful about budget on other activities.

Swayam comes to VP’s cabin .Ruhi follows him inside the cabin.Sharon is shocked to see a new girl with Swayam..VP introduces Ruhi to Swayam-Sharon as his niece and gives them responsibility to make her comfortable in the college.He says Swayam-Sharon will help her in any problem.VP asks Ruhi if she got his cabin easily.Ruhi tells him few guys tried to rag her but Swayam helped her.VP thanks Swayam and also asks about the guys who were involved.Swayam says they wont do it again.VP tells him,his blind trust on people can be harmful or him.VP is very happy about Swayam saving Ruhi so he approves budget for Rose day.Swayam-Sharon are surprised to know this.VP tells them to set examples for next batch and plan the event for Rose day.They leave VP’s cabin.

In canteen,Gang praises Swayam-Sharon’s team for getting approval for Rose day.They ask them how VP got convinced.Swayam tells them ,they were there at the right time.Gang ask them about plans and responsibilities.Gang start giving suggestions like couple dance,compatibility test,words association game.Simi and Sharon also give a demo for word association game.Sharon insists Rey to play the game.Rey says ,he dont want to play this stupid game.Sharon acts as if she is angry for calling her idea stupid.Rey agrees to play the game.They start with random words and start associating with dance,friendship,love ,life.Finally Sharon asks Love and Rey says Kriya.Sharon gives a victory smile and Kriya is surprised to hear her name from Rey.Gang give weird expressions .Rey feels awkward and tries to change his words and handle situation.He says he wanted to say he never loved anyone and it was a slip of tongue .Rey leaves the place and others also leave.Only Sharon and Kriya stay back in canteen.Kriya says Sharon’s plan was awesome .She asks why Rey left the place.Sharon tells her Rey was feeling shy.They decide to think about next step.

Ruhi is trying to catch an auto.Swayam comes and tries to help her and offers her lift.She says she will go alone.Swayam tells her that as VP said he is her mentor so he should help her.They decide to walk together.Swayam asks her if she talks less.She says she is new so feeling reserved.Swayam tries to make her feel comfortable and offers her tea.They go to a tea stall and order tea.Sharon notices them from her car.She gets angry at Swayam.Ruhi says thank you to Swayam for helping her.Sharon thinks why Swayam is taking Ruhi’s responsibility so seriously.She thinks its their special place.She recalls the moments when she decided not to get affected by Swayam and leaves the place.

Next day Kriya comes to girls locker room and greets Sharon .Sharon says she looks very happy.Kriya says Sharon knows the reason behind her happiness.Sharon tells her last test is still left.Kriya says,Rey expressed about her in front of gang so last test is not necessary.Sharon tells her,in every step of this test they will get to know about Rey’s feelings and finally they will know how deeply he feels for Kriya.Kriya agrees to her.VP sir calls them to his cabin.Kriya gets tensed if she got any mail from her college.They go to VP’s cabin.

VP asks about Rey.They inform him that Rey has gone to vendors for Rose day preparations.VP informs them that ISD have shown interest in tie up with their college .They liked D3 teams village project and want to watch their dance next month.Team is very excited about the new chance.They promise VP sir a great performance.VP also tells them to concentrate on studies along with dance and events.He also tells about special classes for few students.Amar,Nil and Vicky try to ask VP about extra classes .They praise VP’s idea and ask him if they can study at home instead of college.VP tells them without extra classes they wont be able to attend exams.

Rey is talking to other students about Rose day event.Kriya comes there and tries to inform him about something.She tells him that her college dean called her and they liked their village footage so much that they didnt even ask her to come back.Out of excitement she hugs Rey.Rey feels that Kriya is feeling something else and realizes their closeness.

Precap: Sharon and Kriya discuss about final step .

Update Credit to: Deepika

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