Dil Dosti Dance 11th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 11th October 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 11th October 2013 Written Update

Aashi is in rehearsal hall with Rinni and doing warn up.Sharon comes in then and Aashi informs her that Swayam will be late to rehearsals today.Sharon asks her how does she know to which Aashi replies Swayam informed her. Sharon asks to keep her info to herself. Rinni comes and asks Sharon why was she is boys locker room.Sharon asks her who informed her to which Rinni says Aashi.Sharon comes and asks Aashi to mind her own works and not interfere in her life.Aashi replies back and fight starts.The boys comes in then and sit back to enjoy the fight dreaming as Sharon and Aashi in boxers ring.Rey comes in and asks them why are they betting over fight they must have stopped it.Boys says its fun and just then they here a voice asking why are they fighting.Swayam enters in with Javed Sir,Soha

and Shrman Joshi who have come to promote their flim War chod nah yaar.The team gets excited seeing Javed Sir and tel him how much they love him.They say it would be their honor if Javed Sir watches their dance as they have just planned to start their carrier in dance. Swayam says as dancers standing infront of you is a great honour.Rey asks them it would be a huge favor if he sees them dance once.The team says it would be like a lifetime achievement. They say it would not be less than an award if he watches them dance. Javed sir agrees and team starts to dance infront of him and later they start fighting over dance.Rey and Swayam try to stop them but that does not happen.Javed sir asks them to stop and asks what are they doing. They must not compete against each other but with other team.Their energy must be concentrated into one and they must dance as team.The team asks for forgiveness and they all shake a leg with the cast of War nah chod yaar.

The gang comes out of rehearsal hall all excited about dancing with Javed sir. Rey asks why were they fighting in dancing. Vicky says girls started and blame comes on Aashi and Sharon.Aashi says it was Sharon who started shouting at her for no reason.Rey asks Sharon the reason when she thinks how will she tell about the issue.Seeing Sharon silent Rey asks Aashi. Sharon tells Aashi to keep it silent.Aashi tells Rey to forget it. Boys say they must now find the girl who was present in bathroom. Sharon moves saying she will meet later. Boys tell Rey if he is not interested be it but they will find her he must leave it on her.

Vicky and Nil get ready to attend the dance battle.Nil says he has less money as pocket money is reduced and they are not even having any events now. Nil asks Vicky if the article is put up to which Vicky says Amar and Barath will handle it up.Nil and Vicky reach a place where street battle was taking place.They see members dancing and money provided too. Amar calls telling the file is not uploading and Nil uploads it up.The see a guy who has danced in Dance camp and think must they compete with him

Precap: Swayam tells Rey he know secret admirer. The boys come in and tell Aashi is the secret admirer.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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