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Swayam comes to Sharon’s house. He was sad, and says she won’t be able to hear it. Sharon asks what. He says that his arrival from her window, and her being Manika; no such thing will happen now. She says he should be clear. He says that his family… his family… has accepted her. She cheers. He laughs that he was joking. She asks him to be true. He says yeah, his family accepted her. She laughs, and hugs him. He says that finally no more drama.
Bua resists dadi for accepting the girl. Dadi says Swayam loves her. Bua says she has no knowledge of wearing clothes. Dadi says she is the girl, and must change.
Simmi says she is getting bored, it is their slumber party. Sharon asks where are Huma and Ishika. Simmi was irritated, and asks what is in her mind. Sharon says she feels

his family hasn’t accepted her with heart. Simmi says she is over thinking, so now they won’t talk and just watch rom-com movie. They go to watch it.
Anamika gets NYU’s dean’s call. She is worried to hear him, but he doesn’t listen to her and disconnects. She thinks she won’t tell Sharon to stress her, but they must do something.
Bua again asks Dadi, has she accepted Sharon. Anamika was wearing a cheap saree. Dadi says that day in hospital, she came to pick Sharon up. Sharon comes to their house, and says Namaste and touches her feet. She asks she wanted to say something to her mom. Bua says they appreciated her saree. Sharon asks about Swayam, he was out. She says she wants to talk to them.
Rey comes to Anamika. She thanks him for coming on a short notice. She says that Sharon and Swayam are planning to get engaged, she is a bit afraid. Sharon in leading St luois, and Swayam D3. Why shouldn’t they merge the two academies. His academy will get resourse, and they will get talent. It is a win-win situation. Rey says he needs time to think about it.
Dadi asks what she wants to say. She says thankyou for accepting her. Bua says what can they do, when the children want to do something. Sharon says thankyou to Bua, and she will gift her contemporary sarees like mom. Bua gulps and says it was simple and elacant. Sharon corrects that it is simple and elegant. Dadi laughs.

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Huma prepares a letter for Ishika as secret admirer. Karma asks to help her, and dictates it. Huma says it is love letter, and not a hate letter. He asks her to write and dictates that he hadn’t think they will come this far, when he first saw her. Fighting, confronting, love in fights and making her up. He always tried the ways to make her mood up. They look at each other. Karma tells her to write, why she stopped. Huma tells him to continue. He continues that now he waits for the moment when she accepts what she feels for him. She again looks at him. He says it is done. He says Raghv will faint reading this letter.
Bharat and Amar come to rehearsal hall. They asks why are they hear. Karma smiles that they know. Huma asks why. Karma says musical is starting, they tease that he is practicing a lot. Huma heads to leave, Karma goes behind her.
Rey was watching their photos from the village. He thinks about inboxing them to Sara, and finds Kriya online. He watches Kriya’s reply and starts the conversation but she goes offline. He thinks she calls everyone except him. Some letter hits him, and thinks who can it be.
Bua asks Dadi will she know cooking. Dadi says she must give her a chance. Bua says that teelo’s papa is coming in the evening, they must invite Sharon. Dadi says at least, she will know that how their family women serves. Bua goes to call her.
Sharon brings coffee for D3. Vicky teases her for being generous after engagement. Swayam comes and teases Sharon saying that Sharon denied to make breakfast for her. Sharon asks why is he lying. He laughs. Rey tells them that Sharon’s mom wants them to combine the academy. Bharat was against Sharon’s mother, Sharon says that at time of competition, what mom did was wrong. Rey says it is gone, they must think about it. Bharat was against it.
Sharon gets Bua’s call. She invites Sharon for dinner at night. Bua asks her to come a bit soon, to hel her. Sharon agrees.

PRECAP: Dadi makes Sharon eat jalebi, she feels nauseatic with it. Bua asks is she expecting.

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