Dil Dosti Dance 11th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 11th March 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 11th March 2014 Written Update

VP sir praises Ruhi for taking good care of Swayam. Ruhi says he helped her out so much so she had to take care of him. VP sir tells her that it seems she’s settling down in the college and tells her to go Swayam and Sharon if she needs any help, both are very helpful. Ruhi says she doesn’t know about Sharon, but Swayam is very helpful. VP sir says maybe she doesn’t like Sharon’s attitude, but she will become her best friend as time passes. He leaves. Ruhi says in her mind, she hopes even her enemies don’t get friend like Sharon. Sharon is behind Ruhi. Ruhi gets scared seeing her, but relieves when she finds out that Sharon didn’t hear anything. Sharon asks Ruhi about Swayam. Ruhi says he’s in medical room and makes Sharon jealous saying he doesn’t want to talk to or meet

anyone and shows his mobile to her. Sharon feels jealous and upset thinking why Swayam didn’t answer to her calls or why he didn’t call her when he wasn’t feeling good.

Simmi is angry with Nil. She puts demands in front of Nil else they will break up. Nil promises her that he will share everything with her and will do everything that she says. Simmi says good and tells him when he’s with her, he won’t pick up any call or look around anywhere. Nil agrees.

Sharon still goes to see Swayam. When she’s leaving, Swayam holds her hand and stops her. Sharon is surprised. She asks him how he’s feeling now. Swayam says much better. He praises Ruhi for giving him medicine on right time which Sharon doesn’t like. She says Ruhi is very caring. Swayam says and worried to for us, but she doesn’t even know Kriya left. Sharon tells him everything will be fine, when you try to achieve something big, you face problems too. Swayam thanks Sharon saying when everything is going wrong, her positive smiles give him a lot of strength. Sharon holds his hand and says no thank you or sorry in friendship, and when there are problems, one thing can help. Swayam asks what. She says smile and asks him to smile. He smiles and both have eyelock. Ruhi comes and sees them holding each others hands. She gets mad. She goes and disturbs them saying it’s time to close medical room. Sharon says she will stay at Swayam’s house tonight. Swayam says it’s okay. Sharon tells him that she’s not asking, she’s telling him. Swayam agrees, but before that he wants to go to cafe. Sharon is taking him, but Ruhi reminds Sharon that she had to call Rey. Sharon asks Ruhi to take Swayam to the cafe and she will call Rey until then. Ruhi is happy and says in her mind, she had said that Sharon will pass Swayam to her by herself.

Rey is frustrated with himself. He asks god not to punish Kriya for his mistake. He gets a call from Sharon, but he disconnects. Sharon calls him again and tells him to meet her in the cafe.

Ruhi and Swayam are in the care. Ruhi tells Swayam that he must order something healthy today. She goes to order for him. Rey and Sharon come. Rey is worried, SwaRon ask him they can do nothing, but wait for Kriya’s call. They also tell him he can smile during bad time. Ruhi orders juice, alu paratha for Swayam, and a cold coffee as well. She’s told that milk is not good today, but she still goes ahead and order the cold coffee which is for Sharon. She turns and gets scared seeing Amar. Amar is tensed for some reason. Ruhi tells him everyone is sitting there. The D3 team asks Amar what’s wrong. Amar says his father lost his job and now new management has come to the cafe. Ruhi is relieved knowing Amar didn’t find out anything.

Ruhi gives juice and paratha to Swayam and cold coffee to Sharon. Sharon drinks it and feels its taste is different. Ruhi says she ordered the one she always drinks. Swayam receives a call from Kriya. Sharon takes the phone, and when Rey takes the phone, it gets disconnected. Rey feels bad. SwaRon say they couldn’t talk properly either, maybe there is bad network here. Sharon doesn’t feel bad and is about to vomit. Ruhi smiles.

Precap: Kriya is shown in New York, Rey is getting restless in night. Ruhi is getting Swayam’s bed ready. Sharon sends a message to Swayam asking if all okay. Ruhi sees it and deletes it. She says she won’t let Swayam even think about Sharon tonight.

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