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Swayam comes to stage again. He announces that this isn’t the wind-up time and we will all dance now. The D3 group gives the dance performance. After the party Swayam and Sharon again argues about shaking hand with Huma. Swayam says that had she showed maturity she shouldn’t have taken the challenge. Sharon says that he always supports the person against her. She is junior and un talented. He says that she is talented. She asks does he means that she should select her for her academy or you are competing her to me. Swayam says that nothing can compete you, Huma has a long way to go but she has some talent. He tells him she was selected by them in their academy. Sharon was shocked and asks didn’t they bother telling her even and leaves.
Sharon looked at Huma’s audition pics in her laptop

when her mom comes and asks her isn’t she tired. Sharon says she was just checking if her selection was good. Her mom says it must be good as she selected each person by herself. Sharon’s phone rings but she ignores and asks her mom about the party. She appreciates and says that at their times parties weren’t grand. She notices her mom lost but doesn’t tell her the reason.
Her mom asks her not to use her credit card from tomorrow. Sharon was shocked; her mom tells her that the cards have been blocked due to non payment. Sharon says that is our condition so bad. Her mom says it is just the beginning, but gets her attention to sleep. Sharon’s phone rings again, her mom tells her that it is Swayam. Sharon cuts the ring and switch off the phone.
Vishnu comes to Ishika, and holds the trophy she just dropped.
Ishika says what if something would happen to the trophy. He asks so much love for this trophy. Ishika says she won something for the first time and has come to know the happiness of the victory. It seemed I am the only one to be in the world. Vishnu asks ain’t I even? She holds hands with him and says you are the one who made me win by letting me be there. Vishnu says we will celebrate tomorrow.
Vicky orders for two cold coffees in the cafeteria. Simmi asks what you were doing yesterday night. Rey comes there and gives them the dance mania form. He says there can’t be a better place for their academy launch but they want one more member. Swayam comes and says he knows who it would be. He tells them about Karma.
Karma comes to Sharon, she apologizes. She suggests that he can join D3 dance academy. He says I am sorry but I don’t want to join a low class academy. Sharon says that your talent will be recognized there and ambitions matched. He says it is strange as you have a direct competition with the academy. She says that had you known the meaning of competition you wouldn’t have asked this. She says now its upto you.
Rey asks everyone that Karma has an attitude problem. They say that they don’t have an option. Swayam tells them that they must ask Sharon themselves again, as she is upset with him due to Huma’s selection.
In the corridor, Raghv teases Huma and asks why you took challenge with Sharon? Huma says she isn’t her match as she falls down. Raghv says that you made her fall. She agrees. He asks what her problem is. She says Sharon is the head of academy because her mom is the BOD, she doesn’t deserve it. They come to the class; Raghv sits besides Ishika and asks did she miss him.
Swayam says he is missing her but she is busy with her work. He is outside Sharon’s office and calls her. He says sorry, he says that he was busy with the party and had to impress her mom too. She says it is ok, he must have reasons but she needs time. He asks how much, she says I ain’t sure but I can’t accept all your decisions. She comes out of her office and finds Swayam there.

PRECAP: Karma says he wants to take a one week trial in D3. Rey says its not any telly-shopping brand. He says it isn’t a world-class academy as well. Huma comes there, he says you came here too. She argues that she came here before him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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