Dil Dosti Dance 11th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 11th February 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 11th February 2014 Written Update

Rey tells Kriya that they reached the guest house. Kriya doesn’t want to go. She hopes Rey will stop her. Rey calls her twice, but just to tell to take care of herself and for giving her medicines to her. She starts walking slowly and counts down the numbers hoping Rey will stop her. Rey leaves from there and she gets upset. She thinks Rey doesn’t love her.

Next day, Kriya and Sharon set to perform first test on Rey to see whether Rey loves Kriya or no. Kriya finds Sharon’s idea stupid. Sharon says it’s not stupid, they will find out Rey’s feelings by end of the day. Rey enters and Sharon hides. Kriya pretends to be busy on phone and ignores Rey when he tries to talk to her. Rey clashes with someone and his books fall down. Kriya goes to help

him. Rey says it’s good, first she made the books fell, and now she came to help him. Kriya asks what did she do. Rey says when he called her, she was busy on phone. Kriya says she was chatting with her New York friend and praises him. Rey says he’s not interested in knowing all that. Sharon calls Kriya. Kriya tells Rey it’s her friend from New York and she leaves. Rey is surprised/jealous. After he goes to class room, Kriya and Sharon celebrate. Sharon says they passed in first test.

Sharon and Swayam argue on budget for Rose Day. Swayam tells her she will need to make changes in her plans as VP sir won’t approve that high budget. Sharon says she won’t change her ideas as she wants Rose Day to be grand as this will be last Rose Day for them. She questions his ability to get such a small thing approved. Swayam tells her to try it herself then. Sharon asks him if he’s challenging her. Swayam says no, but you’re taking this as a challenge. He hands over some papers to her and they both walk in opposite direction.

Simmi informs Vickie and other D3 members about grand Rose Day. Boys get excited. Simmy tells them not to be over excited and to be careful. After girls leave, boys start showing their excitement again.

A new girl enters the college. Some seniors rag her. They make fun of her dressing style. They laugh at her as she brought books, lunchbox, and waterbottle with her. Swayam comes and reminds the boys that it’s not allowed to rag in this college. All leave from there. Swayam collects all girl’s stuff and gives that back to her. The girl says she was trying to go to VP sir, and then this happened. Swayam says he will take her. He introduces himself and the girl says her name is Ruhi. They become friends.

Rey talks to VP sir who tells him that their footage was beautiful. He asks him if they faced any difficulty in the village. Rey remembers her marriage with Kriya, but tells VP sir that they managed to get what they wanted. VP sir tells him that there are some extra classes and as D3 members missed many of their classes, they can go and attend that as exams are coming close. Lastly, he tells Rey that he admires Kriya’s guts, but she took a very big risk by not going back to New York. Rey comes out and clashes with Kriya. Both have an eyelock. Rey tells her about what VP sir said. Kriya says she tries not to think about it as she gets very tensed thinking why she didn’t get reply back from her Dean. Rey tells her everything will be fine as she listened to her heart. Kriya says in her mind that her heart wants something else too. She hopes her and Rey’s heart wavelength will be same and second operation of love test will be successful.

Precap: Sharon tells Kriya that they will perform second test on Rey today. Later, all D3 members are gathered. They play rapid fire game. When Sharon says ‘life’, Rey replies ‘love’. When Sharon says ‘love’, Rey replies ‘Kriya’. Sharon is happy. Kriya is happy, yet surprised. All other D3 members go wow. Rey and Kriya look at each other.

Update Credit to: D3 Fan

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