Dil Dosti Dance 10th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 10th October 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 10th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the boys in Barath’s garage where they get to know that Shivam’s incident was planned.The boys get shocked and scold him that their win was not just.Rey says Shivam coming here was planned but the dance they won was true.Swayam says Shivam asking for dance faceoff was not planned it happened instantly. Nilesh says then it our win was true we have no issues.They decide to have daily rehearsals at early morning. Vicky why everyday and that too daily. Barath says they do not even have competition any time soon.Swayam says Rehearsals with be daily and Rey says it must be disciplined act .The guys says Rey is all early cause he wants to know the secrete admirer.Rey says its not so and he does not even want to know.He continues with he is not interested in girls

or even boys. The boys says without even meeting her you are rejecting her you need to understand her emotions .Rey says he is not interested.

A new day arrives and Sharon reaches college.She sees the corridor and says very good idea to come to college early morning no one is here.She reaches the boys locker room and finds it latched.She says she can keep the gift peacefully and keeps it up in locker room.Se is about to come out when she sees Swayam.She thinks what to do how to go and finds the boys out there too.She hides in one of the rooms.Swayam comes in and finds the gift.He sees and says Sharon came here before me.The boys enter just then and ask what he is hiding.They take the gift and just then Rey comes.They show him the gift and ask him to open.Swayam thinks its a nice try Sharon Rai Prakash but no so easy .The boys ask what is in it when Swayam says how does he know.It is not for me.Sharon is shocked hearing this. The guy says Rey has become lucky. Sharon says again Rey.Rey says the secrete admirer has lots of free time.Swayam says handle it safely to which Barath asks why is it for you.Sharon says slowly it is for him only.She tries to see what is happening but could not she sneezes when boys hear it. Nilesh says the giel is inside and try to find who it is.Swayam and Rey try to stop them saying she wants to be secrete admirer.The boys are hell bent in finding her.Sharon decides to do a cross over and wears shirt and pant and runs out pushing boys down hiding her face.

While in corridor she bangs into Aashi when Aashi asks why is she in such clothes. Sharon says whats with her and moves.Aashi thinks last birth we both must have been enemies.The boys decide to open the gift and see it.When someone decides to remove Swayam says he will do it and takes it and opens the gift slowly.Rey sees the note and takes it .Swayam open the gift and finds the locket.Rey reads the note that says What time is it.Its time to kiss and make up,Its time for love all over again-Your secrete admirer.
The boys are like phir se pyar which emans you know the girl already and suggest few names.Amar says he must asks Sharon.Swayam asks why Sharon and the boys says the girls must have discussed in locker room and Sharon must have heard it up.Sharon is in projector room thinking I sticked it so well how did it vanish of again.She says she will get a call now and receives Rey’s call.She picks up and says you must have got gift.Rey says I don’t know who the mad girl is why is she doing all this secretly.Sharon says mad yes she must be mad only.Rey asks him to meet in canteen and Sharon moves.The boys decide to keep an eye everywhere so they get to know if the girl is stalking Rey. Rey asks Sharon does she know who it is.Anyone spoke much about him.Sharon asks till yesterday you were not interested what happened now.Rey says he is still not interested but boys are not allowing him.Sharon asks all boys means Swayam too.Rey says no he is least concerned.Sharon mumers saying the one who must is not at all concerned. Rey asks what to which Sharon says there must be a name tag.Rey says no.She asks him to remember if it was there in todays to which Rey says no.She says then how does he know it is for him.Rey says yesterday it had RE written over it.Rey says has she understood to which Sharon says if she had she would not be confused and moves out.The boys turn and Sharon moves away.Swayam says this is the thing which he likes the most.

Sharon -Aashi fight. Boys says they would find out who the girl in bathroom was.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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