Dil Dosti Dance 10th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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Swayam calls Sharon and asks where is she. She tells him she is buying gift, and will come to him soon. He calls Nil, as Simmi must be with Sharon. Nil was sleeping an and disconnects. Swayam thinks about sleeping too. They all come to him, cheering him a surprise. Swayam tells them to be careful, as he doesn’t want to go to hospital again. Sharon sits on the bed, holds his hand and asks did he have breakfast. Rey and Chintoo come there They all Chintoo why he left home. They all complain Swayam, for not telling about his discharge. Vicky offers to leave Chintoo ti village. Rey says he will stay with them, for sometime. Sharon asks them to go out, and let Swayam rest.
Huma and Karma practices in the rehearsal hall. When they have stopped, Karma places finger on Huma’s lip, thinks about

his challenge and asks isn’t she getting late now. He leaves smiling.
Raghv finds a gift for Ishika outside the door, from the secret admirer. He comes inside, and knocks the door. He gives her the gift, she asks why is it torn. He says how would he know. She says she gave him all chances to get attention, and closes the door behind. He thinks about his tumour, and breaks a vase nearby in rage.
Sharon asks did he talk to Dadi. He says she didn’t meet him, he knows how to handle the angry young woman. She laughs, and holds his hand. She says they will always remain the same. Swayam says he doesn’t want to change, but his love that will keep growing. She laughs. The kids arrive in the room and jumps on Swayam’s bed. Sharon asks them to sit on a side. The kids begin to cry and complain their mother she scolded her. He says they went up Swayam’s bed, and she was also on the bed. Bua says she is special, and we are only guest. Swayam qualifies that she also cares for the kids. Sharon stops Bua, but she says they have to change and listen to her till they are here. Swayam tells Sharon not to worry.
Rey designs the plan, and worried about musical. Nil teaches Chintoo to dive. Chintoo comes to Rey and asks why is he worried. Rey says he won’t be able to help. Chintto says he must asks Sara, she helped them a lot. He must know where she is. Rey thinks where is she.
Dadi complains that he hurt her. They have made it a drama. Swayam says he knows she loves him, but he never knew that his happiness will make her hurt. He asks her to understand, and give a chance. She will understand their way.
Dida catches Raghv peeking inside Ishika’s room. He says his shirt got caught. She asks him to leave, he comes back again and opens the door thinking she is in bathroom. He must check it. He opens the card, wondering who the bastard is. Ishika comes out of washroom, and asks what is he doing. He says he was looking into something that might get in her bag. She asks who is he, to look into her bag. He asks is he nothing, and leaves.
Rey asks Sharon about Sara, but she avoids. She agrees that she is in touch with her, but they must give her space. He asks why is she in bad mood. Rey says she knows she is his best friend. Sharon says Swayam’s family is here, and instead of impressing them, they are all depressed. Rey says they all didn’t like her in the beginning in the college, but now they all love her. No one can reject Sharon, she must try all the tactics. She smiles, while he leaves.

PRECAP: “Saam Daam Dand Bhed”, she repeats. Swayam was distressed that there is nothing left. ANamika asks Rey to merge the two academies.

Update Credit to: Sona

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