Dil Dosti Dance 10th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 10th March 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 10th March 2014 Written Update

Vp sir asks Rey,Swayama nd Sharon what happened that Kriya has to deport to US.Rey explained to VP what happend once they started from Swayam’s house how the ID got checked for proof and Kriya’s Visa Expiry was known. VP told had he known earlier he would have tried now he will try speaking with Kriya’s institute and see if something can be done. Sharon promises to try things to make sure the affiliation takes place. Vp asks about Swayam’s health and tells Sharon to keep Swayam as her bodyguard.Vicky and Nil in canteen discuss that as Kriya has gone everybe has lost their sleep and dream too.Nil says they have a bad fate and so things are happening like this. Rinni and Simmi comes there when Simmi is angry of NIl to not inform her about Kriya leaving the country. Nil tells it

was late night and hence he did not call. Simmi gets angry and Nil follows her to reduce her anger in wich he enters the girls locker room by mistake Simmi asks the girls what do they do when a guy enters and the girls gang up to beat Nil. Nil comes out when Vicky calls Him asking to come to canteen while Nil cuts call owing to speak to Simmi. Vicky tells Kriya must come back else he will loose Nil.

Swayam,Sharon,Rey are walking by corridor when Swayam asks Rey not to blame himself for what happened. Ruhi comes there asking Swayam what is he doing hear. The Dr. has advisedhim to rest. Swayam tells he is fine. Rey moves out from there. Ruhi asks is there some issue. Swayam says Kriya went back to NY. Ruhi asks what happened when all was good till last night. Sharon replies saying its a long story and they will tell her when there is free time. Sharon adds saying they need to decide on a lot of things and moves with Swayam. Ruhi is jealous.

Kriya reaches the airport and remembers all her moments with Rey. Rey reaches the Rehearsal hall where he remembers their dances and starts dancing on beete lamhe song. Sharon comes there and tells him not to blame himself. Rey tells he cannot be leader and asks Sharon to manage. Sharon makes Rey sit and tells him not to underestimate himself.He is great. There is always a hope for good things to come .Rey says everyones carrier is at stake when Sharon says may be everything will be fine. Rey says he needs some time. While Sharon is moving out Rey asks her how does she know he is hear. Sharon replies with a smile saying they are besties and not everything needs to be told. Swayam comes out of the locker room and finds Ruhi standing by door. Ruhi reminds Swayam of his medicines and gives them to him. Swayam is shocked when Ruhi tells she has a copy of his prescription. Swayam and Ruhi walk when Swayam feels giddy. Ruhi takes Swayam to Med room. Swayam tells Sharon must be searching him and asks Ruhi to inform. Sharon calls Swayam but Ruhi ignores it thinking Sharon cannot come where Ruhi is.

Precap: Ruhi mixed something in Sharon’s coffee…Rey notices change in Ruhi behaviour.. .

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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