Dil Dosti Dance 10th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 10th February 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 10th February 2014 Written Update

Sharon asks Swayam for his laptop password. Swayam says ‘Sharon’ and both are caught in an awkward moment. Swayam is leaving and Sharopn stops him. Swayam turns back excitedly. Sharon tells him files are not being copied. He checks laptop and both get close. He’s leaving and she stops him again. This time she says Rose day is coming and they should do something special. He says he will think something. She says she already has a plan and asks him to prepare budget sheet and take permission from VP sir. He is still standing there. Sharon asks him if he wants to say anything. Swayam says no as she said everything. He leaves. Sharon is annoyed and says boys never grow up.

Kriya is smiling looking at Rey. Sharon comes and sees it. Rey asks Kriya if she’s done with the

report. Kriya says she’s working on it. Sharon says in her mind they both care so much for each other. She thinks not to disturb them and sends a SMS asking them to come to projector room.

The whole D3 team sees the footage and they praise Sharon. Sharon says Swayam helped her in editing as well. Rey says they should send the footage to Kriya’s Dean as soon as possible. The boys tease Rey saying he just wants to send the footage for Kriya. Rey says of course it was only her who took risk to marry him. Kriya looks at him and keeps smiling. Rey feels awkward. They all are leaving. Sharon stops Kriya to talk to her.

Sharon tells Kriya she knows about her and Rey. Kriya tries to avoid it saying there is nothing between them. Sharon tells her that she can’t lie. Kriya confesses her feelings for Rey, but is not sure what Rey feels for her. Sharon says Rey is her friend and he has never seen him so sensitive and emotional for any girl beside Kriya. Kriya tells Sharon about Rey not stopping her from going to guest house. Sharon gets an idea. She says they can perform a love test on Rey. That way Kriya’s doubt will be clear. Kriya agrees, but Sharon puts a condition that if she’s right about Rey, then Kriya will have to propose him. Kriya is unsure, but has to agree in end. Sharon says they will perform first test tomorrow.

Swayam receives a call from police and him, Rey, Sharon come to the police station. The inspector asks whether it was Alok who misbehaved with sharon. Sharon says yes it was him. Alok asks if they have any proof. He blames Sharon for coming to him with wrong intentions and now blaming him. Swayam gets angry and starts fighting with him. Rey stops Swayam and tells him to let police do their work. The inspector puts Alok in the lock up. Rey asks Sharon if she won’t thank. She thanks Rey. Rey says not thank him, thank Swayam. Sharon says everything is done by police so why thank Swayam. She walks out. Swayam tells Rey he’s used to such attitude from Sharon. They leave from there. Sharon now thanks to Swayam in her mind for saving her and her self respect.

Rey is waiting for Kriya. Kriya comes and keeps smiling looking at him. He sees her and asks her to sit in the car. In car too, Kriya keeps smiling at him. Rey wonders what’s wrong with her. He starts radio and they are also talking about love. Kriya looks out of the window. Rey asks her to sit properly. Kriya remembers all moments that they spent together and smiles. Zehnaseeb plays in the background. They arrive at the guest house. Kriya hopes Rey will stop her. She says in her mind, it’s still not too late, please stop me Rey, please. They both look at each other.

Precap: Sharon tells Kriya it’s time to do the first test. Kriya finds it stupid. Sharon says it’s not stupid and they will find out whether Rey loves Kriya or not by end of the day. Rey enters. Sharon hides. Kriya pretends to be busy on the phone and avoids Rey. Rey seems to jealous and angry.

Update Credit to: D3 Fan

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