Dil Diyan Gallan- Swasan&RagLak (Glimpse)

The spring season just arrived deciding that it will make some love stories bloom too this time. The leaves were soft green and flowers were vivid. Birds were flitting from branch to branch,dancing in the sweet melody of the music played by someone. 

A boy was sitting in the garden of college campus and was playing a flute. His eyes were closed and a contentment was spread on his face, a serene smile was lingering on his lips which were playing the flute.

He was deeply sank in oblivion and just then he heard the unzipping sound of bag and he opened his eyes to see a handsome boy of his age who was laughing holding a photograph.

As soon as the previous boy saw the photograph in his hand he snatched it and put it back in his bag before even the another boy could see it.

“Oh my god, haha I can’t believe Sanskar you are going to marry.” The latter one said somehow managing to control his laughter after seeing the flushed face of Sanskar. Sanskar turned towards the bench where his bag was kept and while packing his stuffs he said,“I-It’s not like that Laksh, Just my family has arranged my marriage with her and I accepted it as I know my family will choose the best for me.” 

He picked his bag and turned towards Laksh who was happy to see Sanskar happy. Actually, yes Sanskar was not the one who ever let his mind divert from his studies, all his love and crush were books and music but from the day he saw that girl’s photograph he got strangely attracted towards her. 

Her beauty,cuteness and then her sweet name started wandering in his mind and his heart already got surrendered to her. 

“Hmm so arrange marriage. I knew it, you will do arrange marriage only.” Laksh said following him while Sanskar was walking. 

“I didn’t understand Laksh.” He said turning back towards him.

“Means your dangerous Dadi would never let you fall in love also na..to do love marriage.” Laksh chuckled and now he was walking beside him.

“She isn’t dangerous Laksh, just she loves me. She cares for me..” Before Sanskar could continue, Laksh laughingly said,”And being caring she would have asked you not to tell anyone that you are going to marry as someone’s evil eye will harm.”  

Sanskar sighed as Laksh was right and also his Dadi had asked him not to tell Laksh especially.

“So have you talked with that girl? What is her name?” Laksh asked excitingly.

“Shh! Don’t shout Laksh.” Sanskar squeezed Laksh’s hand when he noticed that some people around started looking them and then he whispered,” I haven’t talked with her just I know her name.”  

“And what’s that..?” Laksh whispered imitating Sanskar.

“Swara.” And this word brought a wide smile on Sanskar’s lips. 


Laksh came running from the shop when he saw his bike which was parked, got collided with a car when the person who was driving was taking out the car from parking area.

“Abbey oye!! You the daughter of millionaire.” Laksh shouted holding his bike’s handles. He was seeing a car which was moving forward but was at a little distance.

He picked up a stone from the road and  hit the car by it breaking the car’s lights. 

The car applied brake and Laksh got a bit relief in his heart.

A girl came out from a car and Laksh was stabbing her with invisible knives means with his death glares and was gritting his teeth. 

“What you did just now?” That girl asked with stern face.

“You need answer?” Laksh asked and she folded her hands near her chest with a stern face and said,”Yes I need.”

Laksh picked up another stone from the road and broke her another light.

“What the hell!!!” That girl shouted.

“Tit for tat madam. You broke my bike’s light with your car and I broke yours.” Laksh said with a victorious smile and that girl said,”You don’t know whose daughter I am.” 

Laksh said,”First tell me,Do you even know how to drive car? If your father has this much money can’t he send you to driving school or appoint a driver for you when he knows that his little daughter don’t know driving properly. You don’t have any idea, you get cars with one call but I pleaded my mom for this bike for 3 months then only she let me buy this.” 

“Ok, I will give you money.” She said.

“I am not hungry for money, say sorry to me.” Laksh said seeing her angrily.

“I won’t.”

You have to.” 

“I won’t.”

“OK.” Laksh went from there.

“He got afraid of me.” That girl smirked but next second her eyes popped out to see that Laksh came with a stick and before she could react he broke her car’s windows.

They both glared each other.


So, what if Swara’s character is like Laksh and Ragini’s character like Sanskar and Laksh’s like Swara’s and Sanky’s like Ragini’s?

It is purely a SwaSan and RagLak fiction.

Obviously I am not gonna make anyone negative as you know I love all four characters.

I hope you all will like it.

Note: I will make this story private so you need to follow me if you want to read it.

Thank you,

Keep smiling, 

Love you.

NOTE: You can read this story and others on my wattpad id shinchan0324.

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