Dil Dhoondta Hai 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Parneet selects Happy for Ravi

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In the morning, Guljeet had brought Parneet to meet Avinash. Avinash invites everyone inside. They were shocked to see Avinash and family sleeping in the hall. He questions Baldev if they were short of any rooms in the house that their guests had to sleep in the hall. Ravi comes to greet him out of excitement. Parneet was excited to see her too. She introduces Parneet with the guests from Mumbai. Ravi covers up the matter and takes Parneet inside as he must be tired. Manjeet complains to Avinash and family that they had adjusted in their small houses, couldn’t they all adjust in the huge rooms allotted for them. Avinash throws a glass full of water over Abhijeet. Later in the room, Avinash apologizes Papa ji. Ajji says he is abit strict. Payam was sure it’s only their ways and life style that

doesn’t matter, she is sure he isn’t bad at heart. Manjeet clears her throat behind. She looks towards Payam’s face and asks if she didn’t apply the face pack. Everyone in the village must see Payam. Payam hurries to apply the face pack. Manjeet asks her to go and get ready well, Parneet wants to meet her and it’s for the first meeting. Ajji says they must tell Manjeet to apply the face pack on her tongue.
Vishi was asleep. He gets a call from Kavita. Anjali says he must take the milk packet from outside, else the black cat would eat it.
There, Parneet gifts Payam a jewellry set. He asks if she liked their village. Payam replies positively. Ravi asks who won’t like the village. Ravi sends Payam with Baldev, then asks him about her gift. Parneet says it must reach by tonight, it’s a lifelong guaranteed one and she will love it.
Anjali comes to help Manjeet in the kitchen. Manjeet says their food would arrive from their food shop. It’s a special occasion. Parneet returned after a long time and has brought a special surprise for Ravi as well. She tells Anjali to take care of one thing, they are preparing for Sangeet. Payam’s family must participate in the Sangeet with preparation. Ajji was hearing this. In the room, Ajji wonders why Vishi isn’t here. Payam breaks into cry as Vishi had arranged everything in her life earlier and is not here. Ravi overhears this. At night, Ravi calls Vishi and complains that he should be here. Vishi explains the company launched a new medicine else he had plans to be in Punjab. Ravi says Anjali misses him, Payam breaks into cry whenever he is discussed. And she is also unsure if she would ever be able to meet him again or not. A girl comes to call her upstairs then as her parcel reached. Ravi cuts the call and hurries downstairs out of excitement.
Downstairs, Parneet introduces Ravi to a young man, Mr Happy – his friend Dharam Singh’s son. He says he is young, educated and handsome and a well settled factory owner in Canada. Parneet asks Ravi about her answer. The young man had liked Ravi, Baldev welcomes him and the family takes him inside. While going inside, he asks Abhijeet to carry his luggage into the room. Baldev says they will. Later, Guljeet apologizes Abhijeet but Papa ji says they understand he is a special guest. Anjali was happy that he is a good man for Ravi. Ajji asks what would Ravi do in foreign, God knows how Happy’s parents must be. She says Ravi needs someone like Vishi. Avinash says every father would wish their daughters is married in big houses, like Happy. Kavita discusses they must know what’s in Ravi’s mind.
The next morning, Guljeet comes to Ravi. Ravi stood beside the tractor lost in some deep thought. Guljeet asks if she met Happy. Ravi says she was busy with the wedding arrangements. Guljeet tells her to speak to him, he is a nice man and she will like him.

PRECAP: Payam tells Vishi a lot is happening here. Ajji comes to call Payam inside. At night, Ravi opens the door. Vishi stood there smiling. She thinks this isn’t possible, then turns and asks if its truly he must chose a finger.

Update Credit to: Sona

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