Dil Dhoondta Hai 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Anjali not ready to lend Ravi any space

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Ajji calls Anjali to see how beautiful Rangoli her daughter in law created. Anjali goes inside for some work. Sangeeta decides not to let it stay for long. She goes to place a pedestal fan. The Rangoli powder gets into Ravi’s eyes. Ravi comes to blow into her eyes. Ajji was furious and asks who blew the fan. Sangeeta comes outside and points it’s a bad omen that Rangoli is ruined repeatedly. Ajji was determined to let Pooja take place.
During the Pooja, Kaka goes to take a call. He speaks to a man outside for a while then joins Sangeeta. Vishi and Ravi turn to take blessings from elders. Anjali backs her foot away and leave. Ravi and Vishi smile towards each other. Sangeeta sits with Ravi and points how much Anjali hates her. Right now she is angry pointlessly. Ravi says her mother

was always angry with her whenever she made mistakes. Sangeeta says she understands what Ravi must be going through, Ravi can speak to her. Ravi asks if this happened to her as well. Sangeeta says her mother in law loves her, a little argument goes on in every house. Ravi must win Anjali’s heart for the family to accept her. Ravi assure she will win the hearts of everyone here, soon. Sangeeta was determined not to let this happen and leaves. Anjali joins Sangeeta. Sangeeta says she must reduce spices in her dishes, Ravi’s tongue and mind are enough. She isn’t Bela who would bear everything silently.
At night, Abhijeet asks Bela to give him think quilt as it’s hot at Ankush’s place. Avinash asks her to light a coil. Vishi forbids anyone to leave, they will adjust in the kitchen. Ravi agrees. Ajji says kitchen is really calm place, only a rat might disturb them.
In the kitchen, Vishi was preparing the bedding while Ravi looks around, alert. Vishi smiles at her fearful face then turns the lights off. Ravi was afraid. He makes her sit and asks about his planning. Ravi was only thinking about rat. Vishi asks would it matter. It comes sometime, but not today. No one can be there between them today. He lays down with her. Ravi watches the shadow of a rat on the wall and screams. Vishi calms her down as there is no rat here then looks around. Ravi was finally relieved there was no rat. Vishi asks her to lay down now. He asks Ravi how he must wake her up tomorrow. Ravi says her mummy always woke her up like children, massaged her hair and she used to hold her tight. She gets teary while missing her mother. Vishi notices she had soon fallen asleep.
The next morning, Anjali was making noise while watching the utensils and curtly watches Ravi sleep calmly. Vishi comes out of the bath and smiles watching Ravi. He asks Anjali to find a blue shirt for him. Anjali tells him to wake his wife, he is married now and do whatever they wish for. Vishi holds Anjali by shoulders and hugs her from behind, convincing he is still her little child; only she must do all his chores. Anjali smiles and leaves the kitchen.
Vishi sits besides Ravi and wakes her up. Ravi wasn’t ready to wake up, and holds his hand. Anjali enters the kitchen and watches him bent over Ravi, calling her a princess. She fumes and deliberately throws a jar. Ravi stands up with a jerk. Anjali hands Vishi the shirt and asks if he can’t see anything else these days. Ajji calls Anjali outside. Vishi apologizes for the disturbance Ravi had to wake up in. Ravi asks why he didn’t wake up earlier, she got really late and hurries into the washroom.
Ajji speaks to Anjali that it is difficult being a mother in law and handing the household to a daughter in law. But when we change the pot of a plant, even it takes time and care. She also gave space to Anjali at her time. Anjali says Ajji is right, it’s difficult to be a mother in law and she doesn’t have a big heart like her.

PRECAP: Ajji asks Ravi to be cautious of her wardrobe lock. A neighborhood child gets locked into it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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