Dil Dhoondta Hai 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Dalvi’s in the village; Ravi miss Vishi

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Ravi was excited to welcome Payam and family to the village. She looks around and asks if someone is left. Guljeet says they only came in two cars. Kavita tells Ravi Vishi couldn’t come, his office called him and cancelled his vacation.
Vishi was busy with his cell phone during a presentation with the boss. The boss scolds him for not being attentive. Vishi shares an idea that they can convince doctors to share in their groups and social media about the medicine. People might not use their app but their medicine would be publicized.
Guljeet introduces Payam with their extended family while Harnam introduces everyone with Avinash’s family as well.Kavita tells Ravi she got something for her. Ravi knew it was her nose ring but it’s a long story. She asks why Vishi didn’t come.

She wanted to take him all across the village as he made her see Mumbai.
Vishi returns home. He could day dream about his family being at home, and misses them badly. His friends come with preparation to party but Vishi sends them outside.
Ravi narrates a boastful story about making a guy Dalbeer run away as she went after him with her tractor. Kavita gets a call from Vishi and tells him about enjoying a lot here. She makes him speak to Ravi. Ravi was angry, Vishi apologizes. Ravi says everyone is busy but one has to take time for family. Everyone here is missing him.
Abhijeet comes to the room and bolts the door. Bella was worried what if someone watches them? Abhijeet says they won’t get a chance in such a big room alone, again. They get intimate. Outside the room, Ajji thinks it’s Payam and Baldev’s wedding and Abhijeet and Bella are having their honeymoon. She blesses Bella to bear the heir of her family.
The next morning, Manjeet was looking after all the arrangements as Parneet was about to arrive. She sends Ravi to prepare his favorite kheer. There, Vishi thinks Ravi was right and was trying her number but she missed the call. Ravi calls Vishi but couldn’t get the call. There, Guljeet asks Ravi for her phone and send her to bring Baldev as he is getting late for airport. He notices a lot of missed calls from Vishi.
In the room, Anjali and Avinash were sleepless as the room was really huge with high roofs. They get a missed call from Ajji. There, in the room Bella was also afraid of the huge house.
Vishi was working in the kitchen when he gets a call from Ravi. He apologizes. Ravi says she must have said a sorry and scolded him a lot. He must know his situation himself. Vishi says she was right, one can’t get any time back. Ravi says it’s going to be more fun, her uncle Parneet is coming and he is the most important person in her life. She takes a leave as Manjeet was calling her.
Ajji was restlessly walking in the room. Avinash and Anjali come there. Ajji notices they were also sleepless. Anjali says in their Mumbai, it’s always rush. They can at least hear the noise of traffic all time of the day. Avinash asks about Abhijeet and Bella, Ajji winks as they are having fun. Abhi and Bella also come there saying they were sleepless in such an empty room. Abhijeet suggests to sleep together in the hall. Avinash was ready not to make Harnam feel ashamed, what if Payam’s in laws watch them here. Ajji says they will go to their rooms in the morning. The family make up their beddings. Kavita also comes to sleep with them.

PRECAP: Ravi tells Vishi that everyone here is worried for him. Kavita breaks into a cry when discussing about him. He must have been here.

Update Credit to: Sona

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