Dil Dhoondta Hai 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vishi to stay back

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Vishi tells Ravi he was confused how to purchase, he was standing outside the shop for last ten minutes. Ravi suggests about making a video call and she will select by herself, there is nothing about formality in the matter. Vishi shows Ravi a variety of nose rings. Ravi asks for some more options. Ravi says she likes both of these, and asks him to choose one finger. Vishi says they are both same, but Ravi insists they aren’t. He finally selects the right finger and Ravi selects the nose ring.
At home, everyone was packing. Kavita asks about her sandal and was upset about her sandal not packed in a bag. Abhijeet notices Ajji had already packed three bags. Anjali was confused where to pack the gifts of everyone at Chawl. Avinash forbids them to accept any further gift. Another group of

people come with a gift pack. They say it’s a microwave. Ajji tells them all to leave now. Anjali reminds Avinash what he had been saying. Abhijeet teases Avinash who qualifies they brought this gift with much feeling. Avinash was offensive as Abhijeet stares at him and tells him to call Vishi. Abhijeet says he has given a missed call. Vishi returns home and asks if he can’t spend 50 paisas for him? Abhijeet says he will spend a whole 50 rupees to speak to him whole day but once he becomes a big star. Bella and everyone make fun of him. Vishi sits with Ajji to take a selfie. The nose ring box fell off his pocket. Anjali asks whose this is. Kavita saves Vishi saying she had only mentioned a nose ring and he even brought it for her.
At night, Vishi gets a call from Ravi. She asks if their packing is done. She realizes it must be Payam’s Bidai. Vishi says he is happy she will get a sister in law like her. Ravi promises to take great care of them here. She apologizes Vishi for creating a lot of trouble for him, for nose ring as well. She do whatever she feels like. Vishi forbids her to say a sorry, and consider him friend through heart. Secondly, he is happy she does what her heart says. When the cut the call, Vishi watches Kavita stand there. She asks for whom the nose ring is? Vishi says it’s for Ravi. Kavita says she thought it might be for a girlfriend, they should tell Anjali it’s for Ravi. Vishi says they might take the matter into another direction. Kavita says she will do shopping worth Rs 1200 in return.
The next morning, while loading on the cars Ajji was over protective about a bag. Vishi hints he is aware it contains jewellry. Abhijeet brings a pack of microwave given by Chawl residents. Avinash scolds Abhijeet why he brought it? He comes to hold it by himself. Vishi comes to help Avinash. A neighbor brings Payam her favorite dishes, they also get some more eatables. Vishi gets a call from his boss and tells him to report in the office right now. He promises him a promotion next month. Vishi asks what about his sister’s wedding. The boss says if he doesn’t report in office he is fired.
Ravi was making arrangements of the mattress. Manjeet was curt that they live in worse conditions. Ravi wasn’t ready to compromise on the condition of mattress. Manjeet gives Baldev turmeric to apply on his face.
Payam was upset and asks how she would marry without him. Anjali says they will all miss him. Avinash asks if he has some money. Anjali teases if he feels bad for Vishi, did the sun rise from west? Vishi apologizes Avinash as he will have to hold microwave. Avinash says he is a father and can even hold Vishi. Vishi warns Abhijeet not to let Avinash hold the microwave. They all leave. Ajji stood outside the car upset. Vishi asks what’s in the third bag, as she isn’t coming anymore. Ajji was sure he will come, at least for the one he brought nose ring.

PRECAP: Vishi comes home at night. He daydreams about his family greeting him and at once miss them all badly.

Update Credit to: Sona

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