Dil Dhoondta Hai 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vishi assures about the ring

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Vishi notices Avinash was upset in the office. Avinash doesn’t share the reason and offers to have lunch together. Avinash’s boss enters the office and shouts at him for not looking at the file once and he demanded an advance then. Vishi says to the boss he could have spoken respectfully as well. The boss inquires Avinash who is he?
At night, Avinash scolds Vishi for interfering with his office work. Vishi says a disrespectful boss like him doesn’t deserve an employee like him. Vishi brings a pack of money to Avinash and says it’s from his savings. He qualifies he doesn’t earn more, it’s just that he doesn’t have much expenses. Avinash denies to take them, but Vishi says he can make arrangements but at least for now he must take them. Avinash looks at Anjali before taking the

bundle in hand. Vishi also hands Avinash a pack of vests, as he went to buy for himself. The family mock his torn vests. They all laugh together before Avinash leaves irritated of Ajji’s teasing.
Ravi and Baldev dance together in Punjabi Bhangra style. Ravi was excited that Vishi’s family is coming over with Payam’s. She says they took great care of them all in Mumbai, now its their turn. Guljeet joins the children in dancing. Ravi suggests about booking everyone’s ticket from here. Guljeet and Manjeet were stunned.
Harnam and Vishi were at the railway station trying to book tickets. Harnam gets a call from Ravi who wanted to speak to Payam, Harnam tells her to write the landline number. Vishi had got into a queue to book tickets. Harnam tells Vishi to take the call and himself get into the queue. Vishi hear Ravi speak to Harnam, she says she has booked tickets for all of them. She further asks Harnam for bring a Marathi style nose ring for her, she has to wear it. She doesn’t realize it was Vishi on the call. Vishi takes Harnam home.
At home, elders were angry at hearing Baldev’s family will send the tickets. They insist this is wrong and decide to make the payment of tickets. Anjali brings Harnam their share of tickets and says they can bear the expenses of wedding as well. Vishi finds Kavita’s earrings on the table and asks where she buys such jewellry. Kavita taunts if he has to gift it to someone? Vishi leaves. Anjali and Avinash discuss soon they will also marry Kavita and be making all the arrangements.
Ravi rejects the interior décor. Guljeet says they will finalize the arrangements after Parneet’s consent. Ravi was sure her taste will match with Parneet’s. She gets a call from Payam. Payam thanks her for tickets and apologizes as she was getting facial and switched her phone off. Ravi asks her to bring a nose ring for her. Payam was clueless, and asks Papa ji about it. Papa ji says Ravi had talked to Vishi on phone. Ravi was irked to hear Vishi didn’t speak to her well on call.
At the jewellry shop Vishi was nervous about buying a Marathi nose ring. He gets a call from Ravi who complains he didn’t speak to her on the call, and didn’t even convey her gift’s demand to Payam. She asks how she will now get her gift. Vishi assures her gift would reach her and enters the shop. Ravi hears the voices from behind and asks if he went to buy it himself?

PRECAP: Ravi selects the nose ring on video call. At home, the box fell off Vishi’s pocket. Everyone was curious to know whom he brought this for.

Update Credit to: Sona

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