Dil Dhoondta Hai 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vishi’s family to go for Payam’s wedding

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At night, the men sat drunk together. Harnam was planning who would go to wedding. Soon, all the men leave. Harnam asks Avinash what’s his plan, won’t be come with him? Avinash asks him to be practical; going to Punjab would take 6 days at least. Many people here have small children or old parents; they will also have to give up wages for many days.
At home, Anjali appreciates Ajji’s. Bella was upset they won’t be able to attend the wedding. Anjali says she is also upset, it feels as if she is missing Kavita’s wedding. Ajji says she will go to wedding, and asks if she must wear Punjabi dress. Anjali and Bella laugh.
Harnam was furious and questions why must he plead Avinash, Payam isn’t his daughter. Avinash convinces they will bless Payam and their hearts will be with

At home, Bella recalls when she got married Papa ji said if she ever has a fight at home, she must consider coming here before going to her parent’s. Anjali and Ajji recalls how Papa ji made all the arrangements.
Harnam leaves furiously saying he doesn’t need anyone’s help.
Bella discusses she had arranged to buy a Banarasi saree for the wedding. Vishi comes home. Anjali tells him to come for dinner and call Abhijeet and Baba as well. Vishi says he has to go meet Payam first. They discuss going to Punjab would cost them worth a month’s salary. They hear Avinash call everyone outside. Everyone at the chawl had gathered. Avinash announces no matter anyone from chawl go to Payam’s wedding but Avinash Garvi would go. Harnam hugs him in excitement.
The next morning, Abhijeet complains Avinash for not taking their consent before this announcement. Avinash interrupts saying he is a father and isn’t liable to take their consent. Ajji says this will cost them a lot, and asks him to let her go for the wedding. Anjali suggests about sending Vishi with Ajji. Ajji tells Anjali to come along and serve her. Bella and Kavita were excited come with Ajji instead. Avinash asks if they are only thinking about expenses, didn’t someone think how bad Payam will feel. Vishi comes there and agrees to Avinash. Ajji tells Abhijeet to think from heart sometimes. Vishi comes in and says it’s about emotions, not expenses. They can’t miss Payam’s wedding, she is no less than Kavita. Abhijeet asks how they will make the wall. Bella brings her contribution of 10k, Abhijeet says they will only contribute 5k and tells Vishi to give the money. Vishi tells Abhijeet to bring 10k, he will also give 10k. Both were about to get in an argument but Avinash interrupts saying he will arrange for the money.
In the office, a colleague comes to Vishi and asks why he is so serious. Vishi says he needs to break an FDA. The colleague asks if he got admission in MBA. Vishi says life doesn’t get as per our aspirations. Vishi gets a call from Ravi, she asks where he had taken her for shooting. Vishi says Goray Village. Ravi boasts about it in front of her friends. Vishi’s boss comes there and asks whom did he took to film city. The boss gets he wasn’t ill last Friday. Vishi makes up there was a doctor there whom he went to see and takes the boss to explain a project Vishi had accomplished.
Ravi was arranging the room and asks Manjeet for help. Manjeet notices the group photo of Roka hung on the wall and asks who did this. Ravi says Payam will miss her family here, she will feel good watching this. Manjeet tells Ravi to leave something for Payam as well, they will know about her brought up as well. Ravi tells Manjeet to leave it and go.

PRECAP: Vishi and Harnam come to book tickets but there was a huge queue. Vishi gets a call from Ravi, she says they have booked tickets for all of them. She requests Vishi to bring Marathi style nose ring for her, she will wear it in a function.

Update Credit to: Sona

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