Dil Dhoondta Hai 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update; Vishi and Ravi’s post-wedding rituals

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Ajji announces a game. Sangeeta says this game can’t be played in front of everyone, the bride must feel shy. Ajji says only girls are here, she sends Kavita to bring clove. Both husband and wife need to clutch it in each other’s teeth and snatch it from others. Ravi was excited. Vishi clutches the watermelon slice into his teeth. Ravi was reluctant initially. Sangeeta stands on a side to make a video, she tells her husband it might be useful for her at some point. Ravi wins the game. Ajji announces the other step of the game, it was now a chocolate. Anjali eyes Ravi grab the chocolate by coming closer. Vishi wins this time. Ajji now asks Vishi to grab the clove. Vishi challenges Ravi while she felt shy. She was reluctant to get close. Ajji cheers that Vishi would rule their life ahead. Sangeeta

says its only a game, no one knows what comes ahead.
Another lady suggests playing another game. Ajji sends Kavita to bring the mirror. They explain a daughter in law sit in the lap of her mother in law, and look at each other’s reflection in the mirror. Ajji mocks that Anjali was really fat when they did the ritual. Anjali was offensive. Ravi comes to sit in Anjali’s lap. She notices Anjali withdrew her hand from her back, and places it back around her waist. Ajji brings her sweet for Ravi which she happily eats. Anjali tells Ravi that daughters bring life and happiness to a house. Ravi promises to never break their trust. Kavita asks Ravi to take an Ukhara at this. Vishi nods at Ravi who finally says a verse.
Later, everyone dance around. Ajji now challenge the couples to play Kikli (twirling game) and promises a gift for the winning. Ravi slips halfway while Vishi holds her. Ajji says life is about supporting each other in such times. Avinash announces it’s really late, everyone must get back home. Sangeeta tells her husband they should stay here, no one can dare tell her to leave this house.
At home, everyone was making their beddings. Vishi asks Avinash where they must sleep. Everyone look towards each other. Sangeeta and husband also come inside and complain for not asking them to stay. Ajji says they thought they have left already. Sangeeta asks where the newly-wed couple would sleep. Everyone was thoughtful. Kavita decides to go to Papa ji’s house. Abhijeet offers to go to Ankush’s house. Anjali decides to sleep in veranda. Vishi wasn’t ready for this. Anjali says it’s about a single night. Ajji sends Anjali-Avinash to Ratna’s house. Kaka offers them his house. Ajji asks Vishi and Ravi if they would get disturbed if she sleeps in kitchen. Ravi wasn’t ready for them all to leave the house, they can adjust here. Ajji says Ravi is innocent, Vishi would explain it to her. They all leave. Ajji wish them all the best and leaves.

PRECAP: Vishi and Ravi go on bike together. Ajji comes to the hall, Vishi and Ravi were not at home. Everyone at the hall was worried while the couple enjoy ice cream together.

Update Credit to: Sona

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