Dil Dhoondta Hai 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Ravi’s parents send dowry

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Ravi and Vishi take wedding rounds. Afterwards, someone drags Vishi’s ears. It was Baldev asking Vishi to keep is sister happy. Ravi was elated to see him and break into cry. She turns to other side to hug Payam, then meets Baldev. She cries thinking they wouldn’t come. Payam and Baldev apologize for being late because of delay in flight. Ajji was happy to see Ravi cheerful at their arrival.
Later, Baldev assures Ravi that their parents aren’t happy. He gives Abhijeet the phone to instruct someone with the address. Avinash and Anjali ask what this is about. Baldev says Parneet sent them some gifts. Anjali says she already clarified to Manjeet they don’t need any gifts. Baldev joins his hands saying this is love for Ravi only.
Ravi agrees to accept the gifts as blessings of

her parents. Ajji calls everyone to stage for photo session. Sangeeta and husband decide to stay and see what Ravi’s parents sent.
At the dinner, Ajji asks for a ritual of ‘Ukhana’ – a poetic expression with her husband’s name. Bela gives an example, but Ravi gives up. Vishi takes the Ukhana in place of her, and feeds her the first bite. Ravi smiles towards him. Everyone sit for lunch. Avinash stands to express something. He thanks Harnam for everything including the arrangements at such a short notice. People at chawl doesn’t let him be grateful.
Ravi comes home. Ajji says she already had pushed the rice pot. Anjali stops her while Kavita challenges Ravi for taking an Ukhana. Ajji suggests one for Ravi. Ravi finally says the verse and enters the house. Ajji tells her to stand in Kumkum water, then walk in step by step over the white cloth piece.
They were trying to take the cupboard inside the house. The cupboard was stuck. Avinash asks Baldev to bring it out, it’s huge and won’t come in. Baldev assures Vishi they can get it exchanged within a week. Vishi says there is no problem with it, they can keep it outside. Payam says its safe outside. Ajji takes everyone for pooja. Vishi looks towards Ravi, both smile at each other.
The ladies at chawl discuss if Anjali had asked for the dowry. They were appreciating the quality of cupboard. Sangeet tells Anjali it’s really good, they will now see what Ravi’s parents sent for her. She spots the bed being set outside as well. She says her parents would send it in installments. Anjali says they won’t taking any gifts, but Sangeeta taunts they already kept the cupboard though it didn’t fit. She asks Anjali if she wasn’t angry at Ravi, but took all the gifts for free. Anjali says it’s the gifts they are sending out of love. Sangeeta says it doesn’t matter if it’s called dowry or gifts. She clarifies to Sangeeta she trusts Vishi, he can keep his wife happy by himself. Sangeeta says Ravi’s parents don’t trust Vishi. It’s about Ravi, why is she accepting the gifts. What if she is asking her parents for all this by herself? Anjali rejects the idea, Sangeeta asks if she trusts Ravi? Anjali was speechless, Sangeeta leaves.

PRECAP: Ravi and Vishi play post-wedding rituals. The next game was, bride must sit in mother in law’s lap. Ravi notices she wasn’t in Anjali’s lap.

Update Credit to: Sona

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