Dil Dhoondta Hai 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Parneet demands wedding in village

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At chawl Harnam was worried about Payam’s wedding. Everyone at chawl assures Papa ji about taking care of wedding arrangements. Harnam gets a call from Guljeet and says they decided the wedding would take place in their village. There was tension all around.
In the village, Manjeet was going to prepare roti. Ravi and Baldev come from shopping. Manjeet was upset and says Baldev must have inquired if he will get married or not? Guljeet says Parneet has seen the chawl on internet. He isn’t ready for marriage in Mumbai. They tell Baldev they spoke to Harnam but he didn’t yet reply. Manjeet tries to convince Baldev they should let Payam’s family come to village, they will arrange all the functions well.
Payam was sitting upset. Vishi asks why she is upset, only because of arrangements.

He asks if she talked to Baldev. They heard Harnam shouting at home, Harnam wasn’t ready for such demands. He was about to end the proposal and says if they can’t come here, their family would also not go to village.
Ravi follows Baldev to the fields and assures they would find some solution. Baldev says he feels helpless in front of Parneet and Manjeet both. Ravi insists to select a finger, then holds his hand happily.
Harnam cries if they have no grace or respect. Avinash insists they shouldn’t break the proposal. Ajji calms him and asks if he doesn’t has to marry Payam. If would be difficult for Payam as well. Anjali says such matters happen while fixing marriages. Harnam tells Ajji it’s decided the wedding would take place in the chawl. Payam leaves the room crying. Anjali convinces Harnam to think about Payam at least once before his decision.
Baldev was calling Payam but she didn’t pick up his call. Ravi was driving tractor, she stops in the way and finds Baldev at a verge of crying. There, Vishi comes to Payam and asks why she is crying. He notices Baldev calling her for last ten minutes. Vishi tells her to clarify to Baldev about her demands. Payam finally takes Ravi’s call. Ravi inquires about the family. Vishi was clear and speaks to Ravi that they have shown their superiority of being groom’s family. He insists on Ravi they made the demand. Papa ji had been planning the wedding for long, they had plans with more than thirty families. They ruined their Chawl’s wedding. If she thinks it’s easy to manage all this. Ravi requests Vishi to listen to her, she understands it’s their mistake. She only called to request not to break the marriage, she and Baldev promise any help. She asks him to bring Payam here, she and everyone here is ready to help. She asks Vishi if he wants them to be together. Vishi was silent. Ravi says she doesn’t want Baldev and Payam to be in any more trouble and requests his help. Ravi assures Baldev everything will be fine there now. Payam asks Vishi what’s Ravi’s mistake in all this. Vishi tells her to receive Baldev’s call, he is also in same condition as hers. Preeta cries that their elders hold egos and never think about her and Baldev. She would speak to Baldev, they can even do court marriage. They don’t want to go against their elders, but why their elders aren’t considerate enough. Harnam hears this. They turn to see Harnam there. He opens his arms for Payam who runs to him.

PRECAP: Bella was upset that they won’t be able to attend Payam’s wedding. People at Chawl discuss only Avinash would go for wedding. At home, Abhijeet complains to Avinash for not taking his consent before agreeing to go to wedding.

Update Credit to: Sona

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