Dil Dhoondta Hai 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Anjali agrees for Vishi-Ravi wedding

Dil Dhoondta Hai 27th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Anjali cries that Vishi lied to them for a girl he knew so little. Ravi’s family suspected their intentions, even they were disgraced here. At least he should have told any of them. He broke their trusts. Sangeeta announces the drama has ended, they must all leave. Ajji shouts at Sangeeta to stay silent, she feels bad how much expenses they bear. Ajji tells her to shut up and sends her aside with her husband. Kaka takes Sangeeta aside and tells her to be their side, at least for their own benefit.
Bela stops Ravi from going to Anjali, she is really angry. Ravi says since it was her mistake, she will make her up. Ajji takes Ravi along and asks her to apologize. Ajji tells Anjali to forgive Ravi, if she would accept the fake picture created by Sangeeta. They drew a false picture but their love was true, Ravi left her huge house, a rich proposal of Happy just for Vishi. It is love, and Anjali must recognize it. Anjali finally unbolts the door. Avinash, Vishi, Ravi and others come in. Ravi gets on her feet and holds her ears to apologize. Vishi also kneels to Anjali and cries that they didn’t want to lie. Ravi insisted on him, he tried to speak to her twice. He holds her hand. He is the same Vishi and would never change. Ravi insists she wants to be her daughter, not to snatch her son from her. Vishi is her son first. Everyone in the family requests on Vishi’s side. Ajji asks if she should kneel down, the neighbors also second them. Anjali gives her hand to Ravi. She at once hug Anjali. Anjali tells her to stop crying, else her makeup would be ruined. She warns Vishi to lie to her again, and hug both. Avinash hurries them outside.
Kaka asks Sangeeta why he told everyone about the lie. Sangeeta says they must have known the truth. Everyone was curt at Sangeeta’s habit.
They all come out. Sangeeta says it was a huge mistake but Anjali has a broad heart. Vishi thanks Sangeeta for revealing the matter. Sangeeta asks how Anjali forgave them. Ajji says exactly like she has forgiven Sangeeta for taking her son away.
The wedding rituals begin.
At Kanyadan, Papa ji tells Vishi to take care of his daughter. Vishi promises to keep her very happy.

PRECAP: Ravi and Vishi take the wedding vows.

Update Credit to: Sona

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