Dil Dhoondta Hai 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sangeeta reveals the truth

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Ravi gets ready. Abhijeet looks towards the arrangements. Kaka comes there and asks what must be the expense over all the arrangements. Sangeeta comes to him and asks why is he tensed. He says this expense is beyond expectations, he only fear Avinash has mortgaged the house.
The ladies make Ravi up. Someone announces Baraat is here. Bela and Kavita were happy to see her, then goes to see the Baraat.
Sangeeta doesn’t let Vishi eat the sweet, still Payam’s mother forces a bite. Ratna makes them play the Nose Pulling ritual by mother in law.
Pandit ji advices Bella and Kavita not to let Ravi speak during Pooja. They leave Ravi alone. Ajji kiss Vishi’s forehead as he sits on the stage. Vishi takes a chance and was about to go inside. Harnam asks where is he going. Before Vishi

could reply, Harnam allows him to go. In the room, Ravi turns to see Vishi close the door behind him. Vishi apologizes Ravi that Ayi took her saree. Ravi says honestly she mind a little, but when she spoke to her she was happy. Vishi finally presents Ravi with a chocolate as a gift. Ravi says she is fasting. Vishi insists there is no need to stay hungry for her. Vishi says had he known earlier he must have fast too. Ravi holds his hand and says his thoughtfulness is enough for her. Today she feels lighter, as he spoke to Anjali about their wedding. Vishi tells her that he didn’t get time to speak to her. Ravi was annoyed, she cries that wants to begin her new life with a truth. She wants to begin their new life with the true blessings of his family. Sangeeta had come to the room. They were worried but Sangeeta hadn’t heard anything. She sends Vishi outside. Sangeeta tells Ravi she can see Vishi isn’t listening to her at all. She takes Ravi along.
On the venue, Vishi moves towards Ravi. Sangeeta stops them and announces that firstly Ravi must tell them about the whole truth, and reveal the lie. She was sure this marriage won’t happen if they hear the truth. Anjali asks Vishi about the lie. Sangeeta says a lie is a lie, Ajji scolds Sangeeta to shut herself up. Sangeeta was stubborn and deters Vishi to tell everyone. She says Vishi and Ravi… Vishi interrupts. Vishi says they didn’t marry in Mumbai. Avinash was shocked and shouts if he lied to them all in Punjab? Sangeeta says Vishi must reply to a lot of questions today. Avinash gets to a corner. Anjali was upset and questions why he lied, didn’t he think twice before doing so.
Ravi explains to Anjali that she lied only to stop his roka with Happy. She had no other way out, as she had fallen in love with Vishi. Bela asks about the photo. Ravi says it was of a shooting, they were made to wear the bridal dress. Sangeeta makes a mount of molehill. She provokes Anjali against Ravi, blaming Ravi for all this. She says there must be some reason that her parents married her so easily. She questions if she has some illness. Vishi interrupts Sangeeta saying she can’t speak to her wife like this. Anjali slaps Vishi and questions what right he has, he was wrong and is giving lessons of right and wrong to Sangeeta. If he thought once about the trouble this lie would bring. She doesn’t consider this marriage as marriage if its based on lie. She leaves the hall and goes inside the house, locking the door behind. Avinash and Vishi come behind her, tensed.

PRECAP: Vishi cries requesting her to open the door. Sangeet sends the guests away. Bela stops Ravi but she says its her mistake, she will apologize Anjali

Update Credit to: Sona

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