Dil Dhoondta Hai 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vishi and Ravi wedding preparations

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Anjali hears Harnam convincing Manjeet that this wedding event is only to get some blessings from elders here; otherwise they accept this Gurdwara marriage as well. Manjeet says it must only be for gifts, they didn’t get any dowry here as well. Ravi had also come out and wanted to explain to Manjeet. Anjali takes the phone, she thanks Manjeet for being good hosts to them, they only want to celebrate the wedding with Marathi style and don’t even want dowry at all. She invites Manjeet to be a part of celebrations as well. Ravi tries to speak but Anjali takes a leave instead to get the Haldi for her.
Ravi comes out to see Vishi’s haldi rituals. Everyone complimented Anjali’s saree, she boasts her son brought this. He recalls he had brought this for Ravi. Sangeet joins the celebrations,

she complains Vishi didn’t inform her in the last two ones. Vishi says its his second wedding, but Ajji recalls his first wedding in Mumbai as well. He share a look with Ravi standing in the corridor. The boys come with buckets of water to throw over Vishi. Everyone in the chawl dance. Ravi was happy watching this all. Vishi brings Ravi to dance in the crowd. Ravi shares some restless looks with Vishi, Sangeet eyes her carefully.
Later, Sangeet brings turmeric for Ravi. Ravi goes to serve her, but Sangeet insists on her to speak a bit. Sangeet asks Ravi if she and Vishi fall in love at first sight. Ravi says she realized her love for Vishi in Punjab. Sangeet recollects they were married before going to Punjab, right? She calls Anjali as well. She asks Ravi to begin from the beginning, how their love story began? When they got married, in which temple and through which rituals. Anjali was also interested. Ravi decides to tell them all truth. As she begins, Anjali corrects Ravi to be called as Ayi. Ratna brings blouse for Ravi and insists on her to change. Ravi says she has to speak to Anjali. Ajji comes to take them all for work, Anjali also takes a leave while Ravi goes to try the blouse.
In the morning, everyone at the chawl was at a leave for Vishi’s wedding. They were decorating the chawl. Ravi hopes Vishi had shared the truth with the family. At home, Vishi comes out of bath. Bela teases him at Ravi’s call. Vishi comes out of the house, he says a Hi. Ravi tells him to turn around, both stood in corridor and speaks on phone. Ravi asks if he spoke to Anjali, Vishi promises he will speak to her; didn’t get a chance. He wish her to enjoy the beautiful moments of life till then. He spots Anjali coming, Ravi hurries inside and tells her to even bear her scolds. Sangeeta comes behind Vishi. She inquires about the tension. Vishi explains Ravi is tensed for Marathi style of wedding. A neighbor comes to take Sangeet inside. Vishi stops Anjali to speak to him. Anjali scolds Vishi for not sharing, what was the need to do this. Vishi asks who told her, but Anjali scolds him for making such a huge expense. She smiles as she loved the saree and thanks him. Vishi was confused if it was about saree. Vishi says he has to tell her something else, Ajji comes to take them finish the work.
The ladies hurry to make Ravi up. The ladies apply turmeric to Ravi. Afterwards Anjali gifts Ravi a saree. Ravi compliments hers as well. Anjali boasts Vishi brought this for her. Sangeet says this must only be 2000, hers in 10,000. Ajji removes the price tag and disgraces her as its only 3050. Sangeet takes the attention to green bangles, Ravi wasn’t ready to take off the red ones. Ajji decides that they must make her wear both colors of bangles. Ravi whispers to Anjali, if she is angry over her? she didn’t mean anything wrong. Sangeet teases Ravi to be filling Anjali’s ears before wedding, Bela and others join her. Anjali stops everyone.

PRECAP: At the wedding, Ravi tells everyone about the truth. She had lied to them, and that she and Vishi weren’t married in Mumbai. Anjali was angry as there is no place for lie in the house.

Update Credit to: Sona

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