Dil Dhoondta Hai 24th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sangeeta tries to find out the wedding reality

Dil Dhoondta Hai 24th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sangeet discusses with the ladies that she sense something wrong in the marriage. Vishi always share everything with her, then why not about the marriage. And how did Ravi’s parents marry her within two days. Ajji says Ravi is a diamond herself and takes her to meet Ravi.
There, Vishi tells Ravi he has a surprise for her but he will only give it when she confesses love with her. He puts his fingers in her hair and demand her to say I love you. Sangeet points towards Ravi and Vishi standing together in the corner. She angrily calls Vishi, and asks if this is Ravi? She tells Anjali to keep them two away. Vishi says they only came across each other. Sangeeta taunts. Vishi inquires about Sangeeta, Kaka and Sid. Sangeet taunts that it seems Vishi was caught red handed somewhere, they must

worry about people. Ajji taunts now that Sangeeta gave birth to Sid within 8th month of marriage, did someone say something? Anjali introduces Sangeeta to Ravi. Sangeet continue that Ravi’s parents must be really upset with her, that’s why they didn’t come to attend the wedding. Anjali goes to Ravi’s side considering her as her daughter. Ajji takes Sangeet inside. Anjali and others also go aside.
At night, Avinash argues for decoration rates with the vendor. He forbids the decoration. His brother comes there and says Avinash’s life begins and ends at Chawl. Avinash reminds him how he was brought up here in the Chawl. Sangeet comes to take a leave. Avinash scolds him for not taking any burdens of responsibility and always complaining, they leave anyway.
Avinash comes inside, Ajji asks if all the preparations are ready and inquires about Mangal sooter. She was ready to give her mangal sooter for Ravi. Avinash wasn’t ready to accept, but Ajji says it seems his Baba was reborn in Vishi. He must have been happy today, and she is happy to give it.
Vishi brings Ravi outside and says he wanted to spend time with her. He says when they have got older, they will still sit here and recall these moments. Ravi compliments him to be very romantic. They come towards the temple. Ravi make a wish, Vishi smiles watching her. She sense his stare and smiles as well. Ravi takes his hand to leave but Vishi doesn’t move. She finally says ‘I love you’ to Vishi. Tears fill her eyes. Vishi walks closer to kiss her forehead. They hear a dog bark. Ravi was worried and hurries towards home, afraid to be caught. Vishi holds her hands and assures he will never leave these hands. Ravi says he is really afraid, they have to tell their family about the truth. Vishi goes to get the surprise. It was a saree for her and asks her to wear the same dress. He will send it through Anjali, else everyone will discover about their date. Ravi place the saree over her head and run away.

PRECAP: Sangeeta asks Ravi when she fall in love with Vishi, was it love at first sight? Ravi says she fall in love with Vishi in Punjab. Sangeet asks if they hadn’t already married by then?

Update Credit to: Sona

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