Dil Dhoondta Hai 23rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Ravi upset about lying to the famililes

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Avinash was worried about the wedding arrangements. He insists on Papa ji to make the best arrangements of meal. Vishi watches Ravi who was worried, with her cell phone in hand.
There in the village, Guljeet calls Ravi for her purse. Manjeet hands it to him, and says he must learn to live without his daughter now.
In the city, Anjali brings lunch boxes to Abhijeet and Bela. Avinash watches Vishi gossip with his friends, and tells him to go to office. Ajji teaches he might not wish to go to office. Ajji reminds Avinash had gone to office the second day of his own wedding as well. The ladies tease Avinash. Avinash sits with Vishi and says he must think his father can never understand him. He says Vishi’s life would now change, he must think about the responsibilities that come with

marriage. Love isn’t enough, it’s his responsibility to keep a girl happy who left everything for him; sometimes compromising his own will for her. He must sit in isolation, but he will never get such peace in this chawl. He will only get the peace of mind in office only. The ladies were offensive.
Anjali packs Vishi’s bag. He promises to be a dress for her, but she says she already has enough. Ajji comes to Anjali and prays the love between her and her son persist like this. Ravi hears from window. Anjali was concerned that Vishi might change after wedding. Ajji says Ravi is a nice girl, she won’t let him change.
Payam’s mother take Ravi to the shop and tells her to buy her favorite soap. She goes to take Payam’s call. Vishi comes to Ravi, she asks why he is going to office. Vishi says it is Mumbai, here time is money. He looks around for something. Ravi was concerned, but Vishi says he was looking for her smile. Ravi smiles in return and tells her to go. Vishi brings her aside and demands to hear the three magical words. Ravi was reluctant, she was about to speak when Vishi watches Payam’s mother return and flee. Ravi was left laughing. She asks about Payam, and her parents. Payam’s mother assures Ravi that one can’t be angry with the family for long, they will soon come to meet her.
At night, Avinash and Ajji were calculating. Anjali brings the savings she made for fridge. She says she holds her son’s wedding dearer to her. Ajji suggests him to take debt, Avinash was enraged at the discussion of their relatives and says its better they stay away from this wedding.
A car stops outside the chawl.
Avinash says he has applied for a loan in the office, the money will transfer in his account soon. A couple had reached the door, the man promises he is there even if the money isn’t transferred. Sangeeta (the lady) complains for not informing them about the wedding, her husband calms her down and greets Avinash. Avinash was annoyed and says he didn’t want to invite them for the wedding. Anjali handles the situation, and sends Avinash to make payment for decoration.
Vishi trying to flirt. Ravi says people at chawl don’t consider them as spouses. Vishi teases her that she looks so upset now, she lied for the sake of this love. Ravi says she feels bad for lying in fear of losing him. She doesn’t want to begin her new life on basis of a lie. She asks to select a finger, then tells him to speak to his parents and she will talk to hers. Vishi was worried.

PRECAP: Sangeeta points towards Ravi and Vishi together.

Update Credit to: Sona

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