Dil Dhoondta Hai 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Ravi arrives at Chawl

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Everyone at the chawl come to welcome Dalvi family. They were shocked and confused to see Ravi.
Anjali doesn’t let Ravi and Vishi enter without Graha-Pravesh. Ravi and Vishi sit outside. Ravi tells Vishi to select a finger, and gets everyone at the chawl is angry about their wedding. Vishi says they celebrate everything together. He tells her that the second think that went unplanned in his life was meeting with her. Ravi asks Vishi if Avinash is also annoyed with him. Vishi asks her to call him Papa, this way they can make him up. The females of chawl come to meet Ravi. Vishi asks Ravi if she informed her parents, there was no battery in her cell phone so he gives his cell phone. No one picks the call. Vishi understands she was upset.
Everyone at chawl gathered during Graha-Pravesh.

The ladies insists there must be a mangal sooter in a wedding’s ritual. They also demand a function. Ajji decides this girl won’t enter the house. Avinash wonders where she would go. Abhijeet suggest may be Ajji has booked a flat for them. Ajji says she is really serious, she also thinks Vishi’s wife must wear green bangle and mangal sooter. Avinash says she will wear later. Ajji was annoyed that this isn’t a drama. Avinash questions why another wedding celebration is needed. Anjali also likes the idea, so does the chawl residents. Vishi asks about Ravi’s consent. She announces she doesn’t want a remarriage. She says she not only liked, but loved the idea. Everyone cheer.
Ravi was worried and asks Vishi where she will stay if not home till she marries. Ajji asks Harnam to take Ravi to his home until Ravi marries. Harnam was ready open-heartedly. Ravi goes with Harnam.
Avinash asks Ajji what’s the need for another marriage. He was concerned about the expenses and was worried he has no savings. Avinash asks Vishi why he was in such a hurry for marriage when he even plans for going to washroom. Avinash says he will make the expenses in Vishi’s wedding. Vishi smiles.
Later, Ajji sat with Pandit ji for wedding Mohrat. Vishi comes out to call Ravi and informs her. Ravi was worried if it would be sooner? She asks him to select a finger, then worries it’s after a year. The Pandit announces it’s done. Its about tomorrow evening. Avinash was worried for being so soon. The Pandit says next time is two weeks later. Everyone there agree to help them. Anjali assures Avinash they will manage it by tomorrow.

PRECAP: Wedding preparations were going on. Ravi tells Vishi she feels guilty for lying to everyone. They must tell them about the truth now.

Update Credit to: Sona

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