Dil Dhoondta Hai 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Ravi and Vishi get married

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Ajji speaks to Kavita and Bella they wear anything in the name of fashion. She says in her times no one could wear anything but saree. Bella suggests Ajji to wear anything even today. Kavita offers Ajji to wear a Punjabi dress she has. Ajji says she has her owns, it was a surprise for them.
In the function, Ravi was getting her henna applied. The guests arrive at the function, they gossip about Vishi living in Chawl. How would Ravi survive? Ravi comes to the ladies, she says one marries a guy, not house. Look at Dolly, they had carefully married her in America to a rich family; but everything ended within six months. Manjeet goes inside. Ajji was sad that always cheerful Ravi is upset. She attempts to get her laughter back. Ravi breaks into a laughter watching Ajji dance in Punjabi dress.

Ravi comes to hug Ajji. Ajji hides something in her palm, and says its Ravi’s laughter which got lost. She hands it back to Ravi and blesses her to remain cheerful always.
In the room, Guljeet asks Parneet to come and bless Ravi. This was the most awaited day of his life. Parneet says Ravi has taken the decision of her life, they must not ask him do what he doesn’t want to.
Ravi was crying in an outer shed. Vishi comes to wipe her tears. She tells him to go from here. Vishi doesn’t move. She herself turn to leave, but Vishi holds her hand. Vishi was serious, he says whatever he would now say is really important. Ravi was worried. Vishi says he is suffering from a dangerous ailment; she may change the decision of their marriage. Ravi was determined to stay with him in anyway, she doesn’t care. Vishi says he cares. He makes her take a seat and says until two months ago he was fine. But then life changed, he couldn’t concentrate on any work and doesn’t feel like enjoying any moment, life got slow motion. Ravi says she suffers from same. Vishi says its Akabo – a greek word meaning Love. He breaks into a lie. Ravi was offensive and chases him with her henna hands. Vishi laughs that he couldn’t bear her upset face; only thousand watts lighted face of her suits. He tells her not to get tensed. There are minor problems in such major love stories. Ravi was upset. Vishi says he also wants anyone to be upset in their wedding, but the courage she gained for their love took her to highest places in his eyes. He would never let her parents down and will always keep her happy. Secondly, they will make up everyone. They must all realize that they are happy together, and the family would celebrate together. It’s going to be the biggest day of their life tomorrow. He cheerfully says Vishi Dalvi is marrying Ravi Kaur-the princess. Ravi leaves.
The next morning, everyone from Dalvi family prepare Ravi for the function. Avinash was attempting to tie Petha ‘head-turban’. Avinash wasn’t ready to change his dress, and was upset that they are participating in their own son’s wedding like guests. Anjali was weepy that he should have shared about their wedding. Avinash calms Anjali. Papa ji comes to help Avinash with turban.
The three families welcome each other and move towards Gurdwara. After the wedding, Harnam breaks into a cry while requesting Baldev to take care of Payam. Ravi also breaks into a cry while holding her ears to Guljeet and Manjeet. She asks about Parneet and cries knowing he had left. There Payam took a leave from everyone and hugged Vishi.
Ravi and Vishi come to Parneet in the room. Ravi says Parneet always said one must listen to her heart. Parneet questions if she would be happy with her. If she is going to live in his heart, houses aren’t run by living in someone’s heart. Living a life requires a house. She would return to them then. Vishi promises to keep Ravi happy always, and asks for the blessings from Parneet. Parneet says he will only bless Vishi after he has realized his mistake and come to drop her.

PRECAP: Everyone at the chawl was shocked to see Ravi coming with Vishi.
Ajji doesnt allow Ravi to come into the house.

Update Credit to: Sona

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