Dil Dhoondta Hai 17th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Ravi announces she is married to Vishi

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Ravi tells Payam she can’t lie to her family and marry Happy. She turns to tell Parneet about it. Payam warns her about the trouble it will bring. Ravi says three lives would be ruined if she agrees to marry Happy today. Payam asks if Vishi loves her too. Ravi asks her to select a finger and says she already knew Vishi also loves her, she has seen it in his eyes.
Happy was busy taking selfie when he hits Vishi. He asks if Vishi was dreaming. Vishi says as he came across Happy his dream broke. Happy appreciates their performance and asks about Ravi. Vishi gets a call from Ravi which he cuts. Happy says Vishi must take Ravi’s photo on their Roka. Papa ji calls Vishi to introduce him with some guests. Ravi takes Vishi’s attention and calls him. Vishi tries to get away from her and comes

beside a table. Suddenly someone drags him beneath a table, it was Ravi. She says she has something important to tell him but was nervous. Avinash spots Vishi’s dress under the table. Vishi goes out at once and explains he was about to pick a spoon.
Later at home, everyone notices Ravi was upset. Manjeet qualifies she is only nervous for roka. When everyone is asleep Ravi comes to speak to Vishi. She hides herself when Avinash turns his side, she speaks to Vishi that she loves him dearly. They must speak to her family tomorrow before her roka. She forbids him move, Vishi nods without facing her. Ravi leaves cheerful, as it is going to be a big day for them. Abhijeet wakes up in place of Vishi, and wonders Ravi and Vishi?
The next morning, Ravi watches Manjeet making all the arrangements for her Roka. Ravi prays for divine help. Vishi comes there. Ravi finds a chance and speaks to Vishi that it’s about life and death for her. Vishi was clueless, Ravi asks if he spoke to his family. Vishi says they are all having breakfast. Manjeet hurries Vishi to help. Ravi interrupts ways of her parents. Manjeet scolds her, everyone gather around. Guljeet asks why she doesn’t want them to go for invitations. Ravi says she doesn’t want this Roka. Manjeet angrily jerks Ravi and says Happy is a nice guy, he will keep her really happy. Ravi denies this marriage. Happy questions why? Ravi looks towards Vishi and says she is already married. Everyone was shocked to hear this. Parneet questions what this rubbish is all about, this is a cheap joke. Ravi says this is true, she is already married. Guljeet asks Baldev furiously to get his guns, they will kill the villager who did this. Ravi says he is a very nice guy, and she swears if any of them try to hurt him they will have to confront her, she can do anything for him and go to any limits to save him. She now stood in front of Vishi. Guljeet asks the name of the guy. Ravi says he married Vishi. Vishi and his family were also shocked to hear this. Guljeet stops Manjeet from forwarding towards Vishi and Ravi. Ajji murmurs to Vishi she came out to be really sensible. Vishi’s family questions him, but Ravi silently holds his hand. Both turn to each other. Ravi requests him through signals.
Avinash asks Vishi if he wasn’t ashamed to do this all. The family stops him from slapping Vishi. Ajji says he only married, didn’t at least run with him. Avinash questions if this is what they taught him, to marry an unknown girl without her parent’s consent. Didn’t he feel to discuss it with them? Manjeet questions Ravi how she dare do this. Parneet interrupts Manjeet but she drags her inside. Parneet furiously stares at Vishi before going inside.

PRECAP: Anjali says they must decide about their children in front of them. Ravi and Vishi hold hands, Ravi says they are already married. Parneet says he believes they aren’t married.

Update Credit to: Sona

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