Dil Dhoondta Hai 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Sangeeta rubs the proof against herself

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Ravi hears the recording on her phone about Sangeeta’s confessions. She thinks the family would believe her if they hear the recording. Inside, everyone was having dinner. Ravi looks towards Sangeeta, Anjali gives her rice to serve. Sangeeta wonder what’s going on in Ravi’s mind, Ajji notices their stares. Ravi comes to Sangeeta and tells her about a recording of her confession. Ravi speaks to the family that there was a lot of drama about her jewelry. Ajji repeats she placed the boxes there. Ravi says she wants them to hear the recording first and then decide. Sangeeta was afraid. Ravi’s phone was powered off. He goes to put it on charge. Ajji asks Ravi to leave the matter and have dinner.
Later, Ajji brings Ravi outside and asks what’s in her mobile. Ravi says she knows well

Ajji didn’t place the jewelry there. Inside, Sangeeta gets a chance to take Ravi’s phone. She comes to the kitchen, Anjali asks if she needs something. Sangeeta offers to help Anjali with washing. She had placed the mobile on washing machine and left to get water from bath.
Ravi tells Ajji she spotted Sangeeta come out of the bed, she recorded Sangeeta confess her attempt to steal the jewelry. Sangeeta tries to pose normal, Vishi visit the kitchen to drink water. Ajji insists on Ravi she placed the jewels there; she tells Ravi it’s a huge blame. She understand Sangeeta isn’t any pious woman, there is already a lot of tension at home. She requests Ravi to let peace prevail. Ravi holds Ajji’s hands and agree to do what she asks her.
Anjali comes to Sangeeta and asks if she will manage with a single hand? Ravi asks Sangeeta about her phone but Sangeeta throws it into the bucket. She then innocently says Ravi’s phone has drowned, her proof has been deleted. Bella comes there and asks how it fall down? Sangeeta accepts it slipped off her hand. She promises to get her a new. Bella leaves.
Vishi and Avinash try to blow dry the cell phone, it doesn’t work. Avinash says it won’t work. Abhijeet asks if she missed the recording as well? Kavita asks what was there in it. Ravi says it had an audio clip, but not as important. Vishi was thoughtful.
The next morning, Avinash hurries to the washroom and creates panic for being late. Vishi was ready and watches Ravi drying clothes outside. Ravi turns to look at him. He deliberately pulls his button off and calls Ajji to stitch it. Ajji says her eyes are like button, she calls Ravi inside and asks her to stitch the button of his shirt. Vishi pulls the curtain and silently tries to make up Ravi’s mood. He apologizes Ravi for what happened, and promises it won’t happen again. He asks why Ravi is silent. He hands her a hanger to beat him, but not punish him by remaining silent. Ravi tells Vishi she felt so ashamed, everyone here consider she has brought problems with herself. Vishi holds his ear, he realizes all this. He would never have forgiven himself if something happened to her, he must also have died. Ravi forbids him repeat any such thing. Vishi says he wish Ravi can speak to him anytime. Sangeeta hears him insist to buy a new phone. Ravi wasn’t ready and says she can use Ayi’s phone.
Sangeeta comes to Anjali and says Ravi is going to buy a phone worth 8 to 10 thousand. Vishi comes to take a leave from Anjali. Anjali gives Vishi his lunch box. She tells Sangeeta it was her carelessness, Vishi must not pay for the phone. Sangeeta says she will pay Vishi when she gets the money. Ravi reaches the door and hear Anjali saying it doesn’t matter if Ravi doesn’t have a phone for a few days, how would she otherwise run the house?
Ajji and Anjali were waiting for Vishi and Ravi to return. As the cab stops by, Ravi says she learnt saving from them. She bought rashan for the house. She was sure he will work for a month atleast. Sangeeta says its enough for three months. Ravi asks Anjali if she did something wrong? Anjali was silent, but Ajji says she wasn’t wrong at all. They take the rashan inside. Anjali wasn’t happy with Ravi.

PRECAP: Sangeeta discuss with Anjali about a fixed deposit their father in law left for Ajji. Its going to mature now and they must place is in some safe place. There, Ravi gets a letter from the bank.

Update Credit to: Sona

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